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    Switch to Kotlin. It's great, and works 1 on 1 with existing Java code
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    Used to hate java, but it's because I was forced to use an old version in uni trying to make GUIs with Swing. *barf*

    Now my current job requires me to use java and I find the recent versions to be pretty nice.
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    "No you can't use Java 11's `var` because other developers will [be boomers about it and unable to check types by hovering over variables for half a second]" - my team, basically
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    I'm using Java 8 instead of Java 11 because my boss it's "scared" about new versions (He doesn't know what's new, and He's scared he can lost every single old project).


    Kill me.
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    @NevilleBroth I'd like to not kill you, also welcome to devRant!
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    My experience with Java is GWT. I hate GWT, and by extension, Java. I hear it's great...but GWT...
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    @Ranchonyx thanks a lot! I just subscribed a few hours ago, when I saw "Java" after 8 hours pf work I was stunned hahah
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    @NevilleBroth java 15 is new version. J11 is ancient
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    @netikras True. But it's also the current LTS version.
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    @netikras imagine how makes me feel that my company have 50+ apps in Java 1.7, at least we are using 11 for new apps.
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