PM: Ok Android, i've reviewed the latest build, you are good to release. Waiting on iOS's build to test.

Me: ... are we not holding all builds until we hear back from backend about that bug?, as we likely have to change something on our side?

PM: Which bug?

Me: ... the only one we discussed yesterday in the team meeting.

PM: How many customers is it affecting?

Me: that we know of, one ... the CEO of our company

PM: oh that one, yeah were not doing that anymore.

Me: WHAT? i've been waiting all day / night to hear back. Why are we not doing this?

PM: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ... Everything is too messy at the minute anyway, the release plan is changing every day. Need to keep it back in line.

Me: ... the plan has changed exactly once. We had a plan at the start of last week for the last release, we changed it YESTERDAY to include 2 critical bug fixes. The only issue with the plan changing is nobody telling us these aren't bugs anymore

PM: We can discuss tomorrow in the team meeting.

CEO: oh hey guys, yeah we pulled that bug fix. Its not really a bug, more like a missing feature. No way it will get done before xmas. Going to live with the way it works for now and fix it properly next year.

Me: Ok, fair enough, but we really need to be told these decisions.

CEO: sure, sorry, didn't think anyone was blocked by this. What was the blocker?

Me: ..... you asked me yesterday to get this bug fix in the build ... you asked for the final build to be made today so we can go through the app store review. As we all discussed yesterday, today is kind of the last day we can really do this.

CEO: ok, its late, we can discuss this tomorrow in the team meeting.

Me: ..... ..... ..... ..... sure

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    Just going to re-write my letter to Santa to ask for one thing: communication
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    I certainly feel ya there... Same kind of shit here.
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    Then tomorrow just callin dead lol
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    Well they are missing the deadline, not you. Let them fail by themselves then fix it by themselves. Hopefully they will realize they can't, and should listen to you in such cases, and won't do it again...

    Long shot, I know, but at least all the pressure is onto them now. Do you have written proof of this, so it can't backfire to you in 2021?
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    @react-guy oh theres no fallback on me at all. And everything is in slack if there was.

    This is just more about my personal frustration at not getting this release out with other bug fixes before the xmas break. It will be annoying me all over the holiday if I don't get it out.

    It might make it if we do it push it up tonight. Fingers crossed
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    Man I can feel this rant in my bones. Been there way too many times.
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    If even the CEO doesn't think, it has to be done before xmas, you surely should be able to postpone it too. And enjoy the absence of a deadline - as that surely won't happen again soon.

    Every change can contain bugs. So maybe it is just about not risking newly introducing critical bugs just before xmas...
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