How does Devrant make any money?

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    It's run by NSA and funded by government to track developers who complain a lot.
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    @theabbie and then silently neutralize them

    Is reality it's all donations from ++ members and the very limited amount of ads they have on their page
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    @frogstair Also the founders have full-time jobs so they don't expect any revenue, it just needs to make enough to sustain it's server costs.
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    @theabbie still takes time though
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    It’s *devRant!
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    Being a first customer for the graph database platform that is the real product.
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    devRant is the demo application for pipeless.io.

    I would not consider this advertising, as the demo is mostly showing limitations and a strange attitude of treating the web as second class citizen.
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    By harvesting the energy contained in each rant.
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    @Oktokolo It's not a very good ad at all lol
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    It doesn’t; devRant operates at a loss.

    So become a subscriber and help keep our cathartic outlet (and community) alive!

    Or, you know, buy a hoodie and stressball. Or donate your paycheck. 😊
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    @theabbie you're back. Nice, was starting to miss you
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    @rooter Wait, what? Sarcasm?
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    @Root no, it's not 😂 I mean it. I read wat more on devrant than I post and I just noticed he was gone.

    devRant is my only social media so I maintain it well 😁
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