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    Because it’s easy.
    Because it’s an online app anyways.
    Because it doesn’t need to be natively specialized.
    Because it’s cheaper to develop cross platform.
    Because despite al of it’s shortcomings, it’s most of the time, still a better candidate to develop cross-platform.
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    @bagfox is right. It's because people are lazy. Also, the average user doesn't know the differne and is just wondering why its PC is getting slower by the day. There's probably a post on Facebook explaining that, though...
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    Guess I should google about wtf is Electron. Guess it is some thing like Flutter
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    @PurgeXenos Sort of, except you almost certainly run one, probably multiple Electron apps on your computer, and it packs node and chromium into a neat little package with a ridiculous performance cost.
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    @Jilano it's not about being lazy, it's about costs
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    Yeah, it would be nice to see more Neutralinojs ones, more Flutter and such.
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    and im just over here: nw.js is fine too.
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    I mean it's Electron or Silverlight/Xamrin Forms if you want cross compatibility. WPF if you're focused on Windows Desktop only.

    And all of those require XAML for UI styling which have very few debugging tools (data binding is still a runtime error and is easily caused by spelling mistakes)

    At least HTML has Emmet snippets to make the process of writing them easier which XAML doesn't have.
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    Well firefox, while not built in electron is built using html and javascript and has always been since its debut 2002 and it was Firefox that broke microsofts control over the browser market.

    Electron is using the same technology, just with chromium instead of the Gecko engine used by Firefox.


    And while chromium might use memory, its still mostly the developers skills that determine the result.
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    @Voxera TBH I never tried writing an Electron app myself, so it's entirely possible that the shit performance comes from the mentality endorsed by low time-to-market and entry barrier.
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    Nw.js is way better. One of the real advantages I see electron apps have over other means is that they have made it easy to ship and (auto) update.
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    @hjk101 Which for many if not most small team apps is a very big advantage.

    Sure, performance is good, but if you fail to get your app out there its not going to go somewhere.

    Once you have users complaining about performance you at least have users :P
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    Electron is basically a chromium web browser, but it runs a single website. It obviously cannot justify its memory footprint compared to Chrome. Hope something better comes along.
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    Electron isn't even that bad by itself, but when people think it's okay to build websites with loading screens and fat animation frameworks then of course the same thing without latency will still be shite.

    Build a lightweight, usable UI and maybe even run the heavy lifting in a natively compiled language and it won't take 5 fucking seconds to start.
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    Oh, the real horror is right here: https://github.com/felixrieseberg/...
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    @Makenshi This.. is... wrong :D Even the developer is apologising. You can run Doom on it
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    Because apparently CS degrees primarily teach JS and fuck all else these days.
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    Same reason Kodak never capitalized on the invention of their digital camera. They thought the market would desire quality, instead the marked demanded convenience.
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    When Flutter for web is ready it’s going to kick ass. Flutter will cover mobile, desktop and web.
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    @daeda google will abandon it like everything else.
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    I dont know how make an GUI ... Electron app is there for you
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    Electron may come at a massive performance cost, but I still think it’s worth it.

    First of all, computers are getting increasingly and exponentially powerful all the time, so the extra performance is easy to negate

    Second of all, and this is the big one, electron apps were and are a gigantic boost to the Linux app ecosystem. Without electron, most devs wouldn’t bother to make a Linux client. I, for one, would still be using windows if apps like vscode and Spotify were only available on windows. The Linux app ecosystem would be much shittier if not for Electron
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi I see guys studying Assembly and Delphi on the first year
    They complain about how they want something more abstract
    My course is primarily in C/C++/Java
    I will see web apps only on my last year in uni :)
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    I do not understand either why electron is so popular, even though I like vscode. Anyway, I came from c++ and Qt is for me the more polished and sophisticated solution for Desktop apps.
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    There always blazor if you prefer .net
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    @Wisecrack i used an engine that buolt aps with nw.js - the performamce was kinda rad. thinking about learning nw itself
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