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    Please put this in the joke/meme category please
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    Use the fucking "joke/meme" button for jokes/memes. It's really that easy.

    Also, the "devrant" tag is ONLY for shit related to devRant.com itself. There are ONLY devs here, no finance and HR folks, so EVERY rant is a "developer rant".
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    Please reserve stale reposted memes for r/programmerhumor , thanks
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    Here's a joke, contacts contains a password column and is now retreiveable

    Also "sql clause is coming to
    Town!" Is part of the query!

    WhY cAnT DuMbFuCkS mAkE aCcUrAtE jOkEs

    Oh it's a repost, fuck off to Reddit then.

    What... you wanted ++ for your free stickers.


    I digress.

    Happy season ass greetings, since I can't say the C word anymore in fear of offending someone!
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    @C0D4 you mean.... Christmas? Ooooooooh
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    @ScribeOfGoD @C0D4 Cranky Christmasless Cunts
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    @hound77 Even though it doesn't look like it people here are really nice.
    They are however stock and tired of the stream of lame copy paste shit posts. They filter the joke/meme category.
    Also "real devs" as opposed to "real Santa's" are careful & RTFM.
    So any one coming here not taking the effort to even hit the right huge button is likely someone that is ruining the platform with shit posts. Happens hourly.
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    @C0D4 do your own stuff bro and ignore
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    @hound77 dude please make original content... Twitter, reddit and a lot of forums are just for these content....
    DevRant is for ranting about the IT industry, and problems we have to face time to time...
    The best advice You should consider: don't post anything at least 1 week. Only read others feed to get knowing what is going on here. After that you should be familiar with the tag system.
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    @hound77 really you are calling out @C0D4 on creating something while you just posted something I've seen at least 6 times here. Just as the haiku one (which is actually correct).
    You didn't create anything but irritation. Have a nice Christmas Bobby Tables
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    @hjk101 🤷‍♂️

    @hound77 as you wish

    📦 📦 📦
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    at least 10 people post this exact post every goddamn christmas, and sporadically during the season beforehand. Fuck off.
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    Besides, it doesn't scan right: SQL has one too many syllables.
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    @C0D4 the media let us think everything is offensive. I'm as political incorrect as imaginable in real life and actually nobody cares. But I totally understand what you mean.

    Bit agressive to a brand new user though 😂 He thinks our wholesome community is evil now
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    Is it normal if I sing it to the hide yo wife song instead?
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