Swear to god, I'm worse than a cat.. my fascination & curiosity will get me killed someday.. o.O

12:19 - Magnitude 6,4 earthquake 3 km from Petrinja, Croatia..

Felt it in Ljubljana..and my stupid ass was fascinated.. :/

Yup, you read it right, not scared or whatever the hell should people feel when earthquake happens..just fascinated..and curios...and in full analysis mode..

Oh tremors?! Yup, something's definitely shaking.. Eartquake? Yup, earthquake! Woow, huge earthquake.. Where is epicenter?! Also long one.. nice, never felt it like this before.. hm.. x, should we go out? How?! I know an elevator is a no go, stairs also do not look promising..better stay in I guess.. hm..still going...feels weird.. Ok, look for shelter I guess.. wow..that's a long one.. ok, doorways should be safe-ish?! Where's x? He went silent..go check up on x.. x is fine, he's not stupid like me, and unlike me also has preservation instinct to not stand under the doorway that has glass components in it.. DumbAss.. Shaking stops... Well that was weird..also I didn't have time to analyze everything..or record it! Stoopid! How did I not think of this before?! Recording would be awesome!! shame..

I know panic doesn't help anyone, but FFS, sometimes I do wish my head would panic at least for a second instead of trying to analyze everything..

I mean, WTF is wrong with me?! Most people would be scared, I just estimated that it's not that dangerous for us and no use/not smart to try to go out of the building so I just took shelter (not a good one, I know now for next time?! o.O what next time?!idiot!!) and started observing.. DumbAss.. :/

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    I experienced a really light earthquake a year ago. I was like EARTHQUAKE!!! Woah, cool!

    I was also on a plane and the first time I experienced turbulence (plane doing dead drop from hitting dead air) I was like YEEHAH!!! That was very exciting.
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    Living in earthquake land, I can definitely confirm you get used to it.
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    Happy the most dangerous here is a bit of wind
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    Yeah, it can be an odd thing to seem to get used to to the point of watching it for details more than freaking out over it.

    "Hmm. This quake's rumble feels a little more gradual and spread out than the one earlier: this aftershock must be centered farther away from the first on— Ow! What?!" (Yes, that happened.)
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    Have you visited an active volcano yet?
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    My coworkers said that when I use the word "fascinating" … they are most of the time afraid what comes next.

    You're rational. No need to think that's wrong.

    I can watch eg surgical education videos and eat at the same time. I find it fascinating how people can make out distinct fine arteries / muscles and so on in that goey bloody red mess.

    I can freak out, but in most situations... I'm fascinated. Or calm. I find it easier than being emotional.

    When I panic, it usually means my rationality cannot keep up with my emotions.... Happened a few times. Never good things.
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    The last time I experienced it, I thought, "This better be legit and not one of those fake falling dreams."
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    @electrineer Not yet..but from a safedistance aka with a chopper driveby I'd love to see it some day..
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    Living 30kms from epicenter, was definitely one of those moments that you remember whole life.
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