I hate BlockAdBlock. What developer in there right mind would develop a blocker for adblocker

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    Backwards, crazy people are getting to be the norm. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Personally I think they shouldn’t exist, but murder is still illegal so they’re still alive.
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    You can also block BLOCKADBLOCK. :D

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    One that got paid?
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    A developer whose taxes and bread on his table are paid by ad clicks I guess...
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    Let the blocking of blocking ad blocking war begin
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    My mind just exploded
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    Nothing new here.
    Just delete the modal and move on.

    If we keep blocking there blockers we will eventually get back to server side rendering being the norm 😏
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    Well, it’s a very good thing.
    Adblock prevents us from collecting usage data on our app.
    So if we detect adblock we just route collection to our own server and then propagate it through segment to mixpanel and others.
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    @NoToJavaScript technically that is deferent but most adblocker extension do also block trackers or have them option.
    What you have an issue with is tracking blocking so you don't get usage stats. But adblocking is used to get fucked up sites to be readable again.

    I think afblockers should not exist. Sites that are this fucked up should not have any visitors. YouTube is one of these sites now but it has unique content. The struggle is real.
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