Please tell me something wrong with me, and whole world is working like that! It can't be right! Or could it, and I'm just one sad fuck who don't know shit?

So... We've got:
1. Jira reporting (agile style with cards and shit)
2. Task timers (via application integrated to Jira in order to count how much time we spent on a task)
3. End of the day email reporting with description of what we have done today (Jira is not enough?)
4. Daily morning meetings with a team leader to report what we're gonna do today
5. Git merge code reviews for each finished component (that lasts for hours)
6. Weekly status meetings
7. Working hours reporting with a fucking fingerprint

And on top of all of that, the developer is the one who just writes the code - team leader decides how this code is gonna look, what will be written first and what last, what libraries will be used and so on...

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    The way you are being forced to work is just wrong. How are you supposed to be individual or anything like that, it's hilarious actually.
    What kind of software does your company develop?
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    @DataSec, the company developing a lot of stuff to other customers (B2B software solutions). It's my new job. I've been working as a developer more than 5 years, and never seen something like that...
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    (comments in russian): welcome to the enterprise my friend
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    Why would you email what youve done its in jira. Your company has obviously had issues with ppl doing their jobs and doing them right. Seek success elsewhere they dont trust their devs
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    Yup I agree with @BirdLawExpert . Also the fact that you have to follow the ideas and style of the team leader makes it seem as if they've had serious problems in the past and thus have tried to implement strict policies.
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    Wtf.. and end of day emails?? It's in Jira, and why not just say in morning stand up?

    I have no problem with user stories and keeping track of stuff, but it's needed different methodologies at different times during the application life. Just working story by story makes us code monkeys, just churning away functionality while the system we are making is screaming for attention and specialists on different areas - not just a lot of patchers fixing with quick hacks.

    Weekly status? Why? You told team lead that morning. He knows.
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    I feel like I've seen this before, and to be honest it came down to a few things:
    - run into a super old version if JIRA
    - lack of knowledge on how to use JIRA
    - lack of knowledge around agile practices

    If the tools are used properly.. they become an efficiency enabler (?). If they're using it just to track tasks in a giant waterfall stall project model then it's gonna be hugely inefficient.

    I would:
    - scrap all the meetings
    - work is logged in small units of work in JIRA
    - code reviews/pull requests are on small chunks of code - multiple smaller PRs instead of one massive one
    - prioritisation is all captured in the tool...
    - someone sits down to think about how to auto generated the report data they want just via some JQL
    - basically automate everything and apply agile principles too...
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    Wow and here I thought my company was doing essentially that "workflow"... Where I work is basically the same thing...
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