For everyone wishing us happy new year bs here: go fuck yourself, I hope your year will turn worse than the previous

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    Hey, I get the feeling, but it's to be expected for at least a week if not more. Best thing is to stay away if you don't want to see it.
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    I can taste the salt.
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    I hope so. I hope next year to be even worse so I can feel I’m alive.

    Otherwise I would jerk off myself to death cause of boredom.
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    Ooookay then. In that case I only wish everyone else a happy new year.

    We can still be nice to each other.. and when I say happy new year I mean it. I hope your next year will be better than this one, I don’t have to know everyone on here personally to wish the best for them.

    We’re a community here so why can’t we appreciate each other?
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    @just8littleBit You are wasting your time by making it deeper than it is. OP probably had a shitty year or just tired of "New Year's Day" or some other reason behind it, i personally i dont really care about.
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    Crappy Hanukkah, scary Xmas and a crappy new year 😎
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    Wth what's so bad about a little bit of optimism?
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    Yes, it will be worse. My country is going into lockdown just in a few hours because it is full of retarded fucks who won't listen.
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    Have a less grumpy new year!
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    Ok happy Halloween
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    *grabs the lime*
    We can do shots with that amount of salt!

    Depressive new year @100110111 🥲
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    Yeah, fuck all this nonsense noise
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    My mood exactly 🔥🔥
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