Can't afford laptop
Want to make an app from scratch by coding , compiling from my Android mobile.
Is it possible??
What would you suggest me?
Which language would be better to start with.
step by step procedure would be helpful.
Do's and don't!!!

Or this attempt look silly/lame?!

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    It should be possible (although I haven't tried it), but it would be incredibly cumbersome and impractical.
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    If you have got only your phone, stick to doing websites. Building for the play store apps are way to cumbersome.

    1. Get a Bluetooth keyboard.
    2. If you've got usb-c on your phone and have a TV in the livingroom you maybe can connect your phone to the TV via usb-c to HDMI cable.
    3. Get the https://termux.com/ Termux app that way you get the linux commandline shell.
    3. Learn the VIM text editor for programming which comes with termux.
    How To Learn Vim: A Four Week Plan - Peter Jang
    4. there are html webserver apps on the playstore. So you can test what you did programm.

    Where you're from? 🙂
    I wish you the best of luck, and that you get a laptop soon. 👍
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    @kamen Thank you.
    though it is cumbersome and slow the process.
    I want to know the things of code, how they happen to run.
    Could you please suggest me where to start?
    I mean which language to start with on
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    @heyheni Thank you sir from India.

    Does Html alone would be fine to make a simple website!!! ??

    If so how to proceed on Android sir
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    Well, Android apps are mostly java and/or Kotlin.
    You should look into the basics of those and Object Oriented Programming.
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    @SanthuLavri html is not enough to make a website, it was at some point in life.

    Now you need HTML, CSS and a little javascript at least.

    I would suggest to learn HTML and CSS and then learn a CSS framework, then some javascript.

    Go checkout freecodecamp, it will get you started fast.
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    2nd-hand laptop should not be that expensive. If its hdd is operational, it would save you a lot of brain cells and time. And might even save $ if we take all the peripherals you'd be buying for your phone.

    Some 5-8 y o lappy would be a better choice than your phone imo.
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    @netikras agreed, i would go insane if I had to debug on phone
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    @thekaleidoscope Just had a look out of curiosity. In my area, you could definitely get some old lappy (with a working battery or none at all) for under 100€. Inject some Linux distro in it and there you go - a development setup. Not a gaming setup - that's for sure. But normally you don't need a lot of horsepower for dev. I used to do java dev with a Samsung NF210 (Intel Atom w/ 1G RAM). With Linux ofc (meaning I also had SWAP)! [got a +1G later on]. And it's still kickin'!
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    Okay All...
    Before getting a laptop and start.
    How can I be ready with languages(learning)
    Which lang would be better to start with from scratch as a newbie.
    Where can I learn basics that can understand to a non Computer background student, can access from mobile.
    Do recommend some (Sites,Channels,blogs) to start with.
    Thank you
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    @SanthuLavri as @mundo03 suggested do the
    freeCodeCamp course on html css javascript. It's free.
    Also get the SoloLearn app for your phone and do the html and css course first and then the JavaScript one.

    If you have finished the FreeCodeCamp course try
    Scrimba.com which also offers some courses.

    On https://www.w3schools.com/
    W3Schools you find every piece of html and css knowledge documented. If you get stuck and don't know what to do visit W3SCHOOLS.

    Youtube and Google is also a good place to learn.

    best of luck!
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    If you have time, I would also recommend to learn some CS, there are courses labeled CS50 on Coursera , they are free and good.

    Language to start, I would go for python or ruby.
    A few years back I was interested in a lot of things, started with HTML, CSS and JQuery, eve php for backend.

    When I started to focus my interest in bust automating things, scripting, connecting things together I faced a decision: Ruby or Python.

    I choose ruby because the ideas and syntax of that language felt natural to me.
    Now I am coding mostly on python and looking for a project to see what is new in Ruby 3.

    I am also looking at Rust and Julia, out of interest and fun.

    My point is, if you have a goal now, go for it, do not worry too much about what stack to choose, just learn something, you will learn something else later on.

    Since you are restricted by your tools, and web dev is the one thing you can start with now, go for it, there is plenty to learn and plenty to do with it.
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    @SanthuLavri Hi bhai, aapko raspberry pi 5 lelena chahiye. Usey fir TV me connect karke aap computer ki tarh use kar sakte ho
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    @SanthuLavri Agar hindi me seekhna hai to fir aapko codewithharry ke youtube channel par jaana chahiye.
    Usme aap Python, Java, C, C++, JavaScript aur bhut kuch mil jaayega.
    Mai bhi unhi se seekh rha hu
    Aur maine DevRant 31 December ko hi join kiya hai
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    @mundo03 If I use Python for web dev then, flask is better of django?
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    @Eklavya both are good! It all depends on what you are going to do with them.

    Django is a fully loaded tool, kt has everything you need in it, hence it is slower and requieres time ti learn every bit.

    Flask is a minimal framework, it mainly handles routes and template engines, but you can add whatever functionality you need to it. You could build your own django starting with flask.

    So, again, it depends on the project, I have worked on a few projects and never used django, at least not yet.
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    @mundo03 Thanks, currently I am working in Flask and keep doing it. The thing that we can customize django admin, changed my idea.
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    I guess the app DroidScript is a start. Good enough for simple stuff. Otherwise there is pretty much no other way than using a desktop.
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    @Eklavya mujhe coding seekhna hey. Kaise tho bhi.lekin kidhar kaise patha nai hora bhai.
    Aap bolo mera paas lappy nai hey. Kharidhne keliye thoda time lagega.
    Android note8 redmi hey.
    Isse kya kar saktha hu boliye.
    Kidhar sey shuru karna.
    Basics, easy understanding aur challenging bhi.
    I want to learn.
    Droidscript sey shuru kar saktha hu kya.
    Aur money paying modules seekhne kae liye bhi, I can't afford.
    Aap boliye na ji, kya karu...
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    @SanthuLavri Bhaiya mai aapse chota hu, 8th me hu;)

    Aap codewithharry ke channel par jaakar sabse pehle python seekhiye
    Play Store par ek Pydroid naam ka app hai usme python script likh kar start kar sakte hai

    Agar aapko freelancing se paise kamane hai to fir HTML, CSS, JavaScript seekhna padega. Agar python aati hai to fir Flask ya Django seekhiye. Mai bhi abhi flask seekh rha hu

    Aap koi bhi language seekh rhe hai to uska online compiler net par available hai

    Jaise mai java ko IDE me likhne ki jagah onlinegdb.com me likhta hu....fir uss project ko download bhi kar sakte hai .

    Agar android apps bnane hai to fir - Python seekhna best rhega...phone se. CodeWithHarry par sab mil jaayega. Zara dekho to jaake.
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    @Eklavya chota badaa khaali age hey,
    The knowledge you share kaafi baadaa hey bro. That's enough.
    To be frank. Pehli baar suna hu Flask terminology.
    Aap bolo which would be better. Aapki Practicality sey.
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    @SanthuLavri Web Development ke liye app tailblock css par jaayiye aur jo aaap website bnaoge usme Flask uska backend likna padega. Jaise -
    Agar mughe kisi button ko click karke kisi ko mail bhejna hai to vo flask se aaram se ho jaayega.

    (Flask ek python module hai )

    Apps bnane hai phone ke liye to fir yeh python se ho jaayega(phone me). Bas phle aap pydroid download karlijiye :-
    Link :- https://play.google.com/store/apps/...

    usme fir *pip install flask* karke aap flask download kar sakte ho.
    Yaha se flask seekhlo aap - https://youtube.com/watch/...

    Baaki saari info aapko issshi channel par mil jaayigi

    Agar kuch aaur puchna ho to eklavyachandra3040@gmail.com par mail kardena

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