A client asked for a tool for his website. So I built it for him and he was satisfied with the thing, cause it did what it should. Nevertheless I was not, because it kind of had a messy backend. I made it working and charged my time. Now I am wondering if I should rebuild the thing to satisfy my code quality for free, or just keep that thing as ugly as it is....

What your opinion on this?

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    Will you learn anything by doing it?
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    @Root can you do smth without learning from it? I surely never built similar things before, so I already learned a lot...
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    Rebuild it, call it an upgrade, charge for it 😎
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    Maybe ask the client if they want to pay for making it cleaner and more maintainable?
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    @electrineer that's actually a really good odea. Thank you!
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    If it works - leave it be.

    If your remake adds anything useful [fixes things, makes it maintainable, etc.] and it matters to the guy - make the amends and suggest as a v2

    if all of the above except it only makes YOU feel better and noone else benefits from it - make the changes and offer it as a v1.1 free of charge
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