I have a weird problem ...

There’s an existing swift app, with Apple sign in implemented and working.

When I took over I had to revoke app certificates and create new one. Since then the Apple sign in stopped working.

I’ve tried clean rebuild etc , even tried renewing old profiles with the new cert but nothing is working.

When u do Apple sign in it says “sign up not completed” with no error msg.

Old dev says it happened last time when cert/profile was changed but fixed on proper rebuild. Not fixing for me.

Anybody else faced this?

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    Are you paying for the Apple Developer certificate? I think you must pay 100 bucks to have Apple login working
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    @OmerFlame whaaat. Noo
    Anyway I solved it! Removing the capability from the app ID, and adding it again, fixed it. This from the developer console, resets the provisioning profiles properly for the app ID.
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    @scout ooooh. Sorry, I just don’t have a paid dev certificate / never used Apple-ecosystem APIs so I don’t really know how to fix this kind of stuff.
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    @OmerFlame hmm this kind of issue was a first for me as well
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