If you are still holding your developer job through the pandemic, congratulations

you are one of the best developers in the market.


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    You must not know how the real world works.
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    You're implying ppl get fired based off merit and not stupid shit.

    And that they're hired off merit instead of race or gender. Good joke buddy
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    Very few Dev jobs I know have actually gone. Those that have tend to be in directly affected industries, such as travel, entertainment, etc.

    Believe me, there's a lot of stupid devs still employed, and there were a lot of good ones let go elsewhere.
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    @AlmondSauce I confirm. I am still employed indeed.
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    That's not how this works, at all.
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    I was laid off due to business failure. Being let go doesn’t always imply poor performance, especially with the great appraisals and raise I got. I have a ton of interviews this week for great companies so I should be back in it very soon
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    @d-fanelli I got the same. And right after the lay off I got a new job with a project. While previous company is thinking of giving up the whole software dept all together.
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