I see lots of rants about lack of sleep, working through the night etc!

People you need to sleep an average of 7 hours a night your body needs this to stop ill health. Working through the night/mega long hours for nearly two years nearly caused me to have a breakdown.

Please be healthy! Working Long hours doesn't make you cool or a more valued employee.

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    I couldn't agree more!
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    This is bad news lol.
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    So true! But bosses need to understand this as well...
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    I find it ironic seeing this rant when I'm with less than 4h of sleep 😂😢 deadlines with extra-work nearly at the end of delivery, not good
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    @DLMousey I have some mates who worked as chefs and their hours were ridiculous, a couple of them changed careers and one of them now is a school chef 8am - 3pm Monday- Friday with school holidays
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