Fuck non-IT departments that use Microsoft Access and think database tables are like Excel spreadsheets.

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    They aren't?
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    This giant excel spreadsheet of everything isn't a database?

    Please enlighten me good sir 😨
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    Maybe not ... but not too far off either ;)
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    haahhaha nice one
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    But relational database tables ARE like spreadsheets, just with stricter controls and have the ability to relate to other tables.
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    *cough* https://bbc.com/news/... *cough*
    Did people forget?
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    @rootinit @N00bPancakes

    Ah yes, maybe they just forgot to do "Spreadsheet normalization"
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    @Rurs21 Yes, using the Microsoft Excel Normal Form, much better than Boyce Codd's one
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    I propose different approach:
    Fuck every single person who uses excel as if it was a database, and macros as frontend and backend instead of using proper tools for the job. I'm not ranting about creating input forms or downloading some data required for statiatics with macros - thats what they are made for.
    But when i see an excel spreadsheet turned into bug tracker or fully fleged warehouse management tool, i want to run sudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root with chinsaw against its authors brain.
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    If they're good enough for the uk's track and trace....
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    Well, at least they are using Access databases as databases.
    I know people who literally use Excel sheets as databases.

    And database tables are similar to Excel sheets with fixed column formats and no formulas. Non-IT does not really need to know the differences - just that they exist.
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    In a previous job I was forced by a new boss to create a full blown stock/logistics 'database' in excel, on top of my other work ffs. It took me about two months, I was exhausted resulting in six months of burnout.

    Two things of this darkest shit still warms the cockles of my heart until today:

    * After I quit the job, I know they could work with for about a month or two before it would break beyond fixing as no one else knew how to maintain it

    * It made me go back to university to get a degree in development, in two weeks from now, after exams, I'll be there. Counts as a big fuck you to that boss
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