Life story of every Dev in nutshell :

Everything is working perfectly as expected and no body congratulates Dev and no one gives a shit.

Single thing is broken and the whole universe be like : "Where the fuck is that son of a b*tch? Bring that bastard in front of me right now."


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    When they bring you back, you just throw a bombshell at them
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    that's true bro.... all the time
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    This is a universal force. I used to be a musician and I know for a fact that sound engineers at live gigs get the same kind of appreciation. No one can judge the quality of their work until something is obviously broken... My guess is that there are many many professions where this happens. A silent minute for all of them.
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    Not a criticism, but I thought this treatment was usually reserved for Sysads?
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    @ftsf as @siljamicke explained, it's a universal force ;)
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    Usually a sysadmin for sure. The opposite end of the spectrum is that clients give more praise to the front end team for a fancy looking button than the backend team for the server side code that drives the functionality when you click it. Sysadmins get it worse than devs in general I think though.
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