At the Apple Store in my devRant hoodie and got noticed by an employee..

Her: what's your username?
Me: brod 😬, what's yours?
Her: julia! Have you seen the new MacBook Pro?

Turns out, there's no @julia, now I have a $2,800 MacBook that I didn't need (nope, not the pro, just the shit one).

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    That's when you go to the store again and: "Hey I couldn't find you on devrant, so can I get your phone number instead?" Jajaja
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    @Xunie :/
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    @Xunie because they choose too. That's what's great about making good choices, it's not really any of your business. If you're unwilling to work with someone just because of a choice like that no matter if they're a proficient dev then it isn't them that's at fault 😉😋
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    @Xunie STD
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    You got swindled
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    Oh man, is this a true story? Either way it was entertaining (I hope not true though haha!)

    @Xunie no doubt MacBooks may be overpriced, but I think it would also be unfair to deny that Apple makes a great laptop. I've used many other brands and my MacBook's have outlasted and outworked all my other machines. And I treat them relatively poorly.

    I'd rather pay more for a MacBook instead of buying a cheaper HP or Dell which seem to have the build quality/ruggedness of children's toys.

    And here's definitely other brands that are good, but I'd contend any that have build qualities like MacBooks are going to be within about $700 or so of the price. And if you ever want to develop an iOS or Mac app, while unfair, you need a Mac computer.
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    @Xunie Well maybe they're buying it because they need it for iOS development.
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    Also maybe she just got her username wrong :)
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    Don't start playing games @dfox..

    I trust that you'd tell me if someone made a username change request (specifically from @julia) within the last 48hours.. right?
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    @dfox to also be fair my MacBook Air never made it two years and I treat my gear exceedingly well. The charging area went out, took it to the store to fix it because it was still under insurance. They fixed it free. Happened again not long after, after insurance ran out. Don't have the funds to take it and send it for a couple days to get it fixed without knowing how much it will cost, and because it's apple it's going to cost an arm and a leg. Spent 400$ on an lenovo ideapad with quad core cpu, 8gb ram and 1tb hdd. Literally double the specs for half the price. Macbook was close to 1k $
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    @Xunie I love you!
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    @Xunie while i won't deny that a lot of people use Macs for the reasons you gave, there are some legitimate reasons to want a MacBook (and they are the reasons I switched from Lenovo to Mac)

    - Build Quality: Macs last a very long time because they are very well built machines. I can't have a Windows computer more than a year and a half before it degrades but I know people who treat their computers worse and have a well-working MacBook for 4 years
    - Battery life: I challenge you to find a computer with the same specs as mine (or equivalent) and 6-7 hours of battery life not on battery saver and running normal applications (VM, Chrome, slack, etc)
    - Integration: I have had an iPhone for a long time (I like the design better than Androids) and macOS is highly integrated with iOS and it provides an all-around better experience
    - OS Preference: I personally like macOS a lot better than Windows or even Linux

    *Deal with it*
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    Hope you get the number right

    And I have all the reasons for hating MacBook but I need it as much as I hate it. True that's a highly overpriced hardware. But it's the only laptop in the market with the lowest maintenance cost over time... Cheer up!!
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    @dfox The build quality is a good point indeed. I personally can't stand the operating system (not just because it's closed source, just how it looks/works) but the prices over here... Just too damn high. (Decent laptops (with good build quality) start at like 300 euro or so while macs start at around 1200 (cheapest models)). What are macbook prices around in the US?
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    @linuxxx @Xunie Apple gear is only over priced from a physical point of view, I used my 2013 baseline MacBook Pro an average of 8h per day in 2016 without an issue - imo that's worth a lot more than whatever it cost. If you can find me an equivalent laptop (unix support, trackpad, screen etc..) I'm happy to switch.

    That said, I don't have high hopes for the MacBook..
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    They have laptops here which last longer (battery) and have a better build quality than macs but can't figure out the model :/
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    @linuxxx was it an acer? I had one that consistantly had 12-14 hours of battery and i dropped that damn thing alot until one day i dropped it down about 10 feet of concreet stairs. granted it battery elevated the back by an inch and a half but it took some punshment until it told me fuck you. Had plastic broke off from dropping it and everything, sad thing is i scrapped it for parts and still have the battery and screen at my dads
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    @jckimble I think theyre dells uhm ye
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    @linuxxx ah dells always gave me problems. The last one i had wound up being a desktop cause the screen went completly out. Then again i never had problems with hp besides breaking power cords but that has changed now also. Might be time to test them again
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    Idk I've only used Asus and Lenovo and happy with the last one :)
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    My 5 year old entry-level Lenovo laptop shits on your MacBooks in terms of durability. Also, if you say no other brand than Apple can get close to 7 hours of battery life... Go check out a few ultrabooks. That's all I have to say.
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    @brod - this a bad case of barista love..you know when you go to the same coffee shop because of that sexy way she serves your coffee.

    If you get a second chance, you better be smooth.
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    @Xunie STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases) are the worst.
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    @outfrost Okay so I don't know what Lenovo laptop you have but the issue with using ultrabooks as a comparison is that I specifically said "with the same specs". I have a very high end laptop in terms of processing power and graphics - a similar laptop from Lenovo (my old laptop) got ~1 hour of battery life
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    @Xunie you must be fun at parties
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    @Xunie have you ever actually owned a MacBook? I have used Sony, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, Asus and probably more that I have forgotten. Since I bought my first MacBook I have not for a second considered going back to a Windows PC. Try using a MacBook for a month or two and return with your findings.
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    how is a 2.8k config even possible non-pro lmao
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    1@foldager I, for one, have. And it's collecting dust in a corner while I dev on my windows machine :p
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    1) I love how you reply to comments with little evidence but not to my (or @dfox 's) which actually include relevant reasons to want a Mac

    2) What makes you think Windows is any better than OSX in terms of NSA
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    Everybody lost the point of this rant.

    The girl is a real pro.

    How many things have she sold with this strategy.

    Pretending to be on a certain community...
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    >battery life
    You mean the one that (with a 99% chance) will die significantly after I would want to replace my computer anyways? And besides - I'll trade having to pay for someone to replace my battery for having a long battery life any day of the year

    How is it vendor lock-in? You can use third party apps if you want to... for instance I don't use iTunes at all I exclusively use Spotify

    Plus the story you're talking about is quite old and as I don't live in the past and the bug that caused that is patched, I don't give a flying fuck?

    >Build Quality
    Then don't comment on it?

    Oh and I forgot this one -

    5. Weight and size:
    As a person who needs to take their laptop in a lot of places and have full working capability remotely, the fact that a Mac is the lightest and thinnest laptop with those specs (that I know of - and I did a lot of research before buying) is important to me

    And about your Windows thing... whoops sorry it was just my first thought
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    @Xunie Also regarding your response to @dfox about iOS development... believe it or not, there are a lot of people who use iPhones, and so making a comprehensive and well used app requires you to make both an iOS app and an Android app... which means you need to own at least one Mac to do the former
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    @Xunie how is an article on iPhone costs relevant to a discussion on Macs
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    Iphone users are so captive that if you show them a pixel phone telling them it is the iphone X they will say its a freaking piece of art... Yes the build quality is very good but their OS and their marketing choices and policies makes me sick as hell
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    @AngryDev Z580. What are those "very high end" specs you speak of? Also, are you implying that all well-specced non-Macs have 1 hour battery life because your old one did? Have you been following the notebook market at all in the recent years?
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    @outfrost let's break down the comparison shall we?

    First a note - if a company lists battery life as "up to n hours" on a computer with multiple options (for specification) the battery life listed (n hours) is going to be the one with the lowest specs. That being said I will give them the benefit of the doubt and go with the highest specs

    Spec | My computer | Z580
    CPU | 2.9 GHz i7 G6 | 2.9 GHz i7 G3
    RAM | 16 GB | 8GB
    GPU | Dedicated | Integrated
    Mass | 4.02 Lbs | 5.48 Lbs
    Strg | HDD | SDD
    Bat | "Up to 10 hrs" | "up to 5 hrs"

    So. Not only has my computer significantly better specs (Gn is the generation of the processor - Macs are 3 generations ahead) but it has twice the battery life and weighs a pound and a half less.

    Yes that's exactly what I'm saying. I challenge you to find a laptop with the same specs as mine and with actual 10 hour battery life
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    EDIT: I accidentally flipped the storage method - my computer uses PCIe SSD and the Lenovo one uses HDD (couldn't actually edit as I noticed after the 5 min period)
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    @Xunie keep spending your time on hating Mac. In the end, I couldn't care less about your opinion. Have a nice day. :-)
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    @foldager right on. I don't like anything made by apple cause everything they make is proprietary but one persons opinion isnt anothers
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    @AngryDev Please tell me, what model of MacBook you have and how much you paid for it, then I can find out the exact CPU and GPU models and actually look something up. From what I can tell, you must've bought it in the last year or so, in which case comparing it to a random outdated laptop with a 3rd gen Core processor is pretty pointless. My point with the Z580 was merely that it's more durable, rather than an all-around better laptop, not to mention it's been like 6 years since its debut.
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    15" MBP 2016
    6th gen Intel core i7 2.9 GHz (overclock to 3.8 GHz)
    16 GB RAM
    Radeon Pro 455 (Dedicated Graphics)
    Intel HD 530 (Integrated Graphics)
    512 GB PCIe SSD (r/w of 3.1/2.2 Gbps)

    Cost: $2,800 (almost exactly)

    Actual battery life while running legitimate apps (I.e. Not just listening to music (from my own usage): 5-6 hrs

    Actual battery life if just listening to music: 15+
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    @AngryDev For significantly less money you can get a Dell XPS 15 with a Core i7-6700HQ / 7700HQ, 16 or even 32 GB of RAM, a GTX 960M / 1050, 512GB / 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD, 4K touchscreen and similar battery life. And if you don't need graphics horsepower, there's the Thinkpad X1 Carbon 4 as well, just to name an example. These are devices as much or more (definitely more in case of the Thinkpad) durable than the MacBooks, they're slightly lighter, and they're upgradeable.
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    @outfrost software tho
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    @mocintash What about it? You get the XPS, install Linux on it and get going. This is another reason why normal laptops are better.
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    @outfrost and this is the part where it comes to personal preference.
    you can discuss performance and usability, but in the end everyone has their personal favorite. I am very happy with macOS and willing to pay the extra for it, same as many windows users prefer their OS over linux and all other ways around
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    @mocintash Say that you just want to work with macOS, and I won't bat an eye. Saying that Macs are somehow objectively better (which obviously excludes personal preference and locked-in, proprietary software) is what I'm arguing against.
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    Lowest time to time maintenance :) not lowest maintenance@sam21s
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    I would like to add to @dfox 's comment.

    I currently have a Macbook, Acer, Dell and HP. One of the reason I would always buy a macbook is because of the dedicated support stores for Apple. Although it depends on the country you're in, (Philippians) Apple has awesome support stores, some of the most welcoming I may say.

    However, I have yet to see this by other brands. In the Philippines alone, we have HP, Acer and Dell factories however no support stores. I had to send my Acer to the Acer factory for a simple track pad change.

    I don't care how expensive a laptop may be, as long as you give me good support. (Something lacking from a lot of the major brands)
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    @uziiuzair So basically you don't pay for the laptop, you pay for the nice looking store.
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    @outfrost I pay for the service.
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    Came here for the comments. Not disappointed.
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    Just and update, still heartbroken LF @julia.. the MacBook ended up being pretty ok.
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