It’s sooo weird.
I’m generally not feeling happy or good or “okay”, I’m almost always rather shitty but just keep going through my day without complaining too much because that’s what most of us do..

Today, for the first time in at least one (very lonely, cold and boring) year, I went outside for a smoke and felt good. No idea why.
Everything was orangy/yellowish outside because of the clouds after the first sunny day in weeks.
Its raining slightly but not so much that you actually get wet.

I just had this feeling of “yea, that’s good enough” which I haven’t had in probably 4-5 years or so.

Maybe it’s because I got a little bit of sun for once and saw other people walking 2m around me, I don’t know..
But it felt good.

Does that feeling sound familiar to anyone or am I just finally going crazy?

I also apologise for my last 50 rants not being about dev or rant but I’m lucky to not have much to rant about in my current job 😅

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    Wholesome. heres a ++.
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    Totally fucking relatable.
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    That sounds nice.
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    You are not going crazy. It's quite relatable. Hope you get to experience these kinds of days more often :)
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    I feel moderately shitty every day as well. Did you figure out the trick?
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    cool rant
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    The sun is seriously the best thing for my mood, i wish i could program in the outdoors.
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    Yeah, same days. I realised that happy days are becoming less frequent now. Maybe it's my new job. I'm worried about my work but also not working.
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    I've been miserable af for the entire year, so yeah I can relate
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