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This is just a idea, but sometimes rants can create new rant's what need a place of there own, maybe adding a option that lets you Re-Rant or something like this what will take someones reply as the leading rant and you comment as the first reply to that rant, Letting the original rant to say true to its topic

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    @JS96 no not retweets, as we not retweeting the main rant, we are taking a comment and branching off in to its own rant, retweets would be recreating the main rant, that or create a nested rant what no longer pushs the comments in the main rant but only replys to that comment so comments of comments rather then the main comments, kind of thing.
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    @Rexzooly Sub rants could be an interesting idea.

    @dfox, what do you think?
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    Implementation wise it would mean having a branch button​ which would take the comment to branch and all of its replies and move them to a new area whilst linking back to the original discussion.
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    @nblackburn yes that's what I mean well fork the comment rather then the rant lol so the comment that created a new rant would be the rant and the comment you was putting would become the first comment to that rant, it would rant by YOURUSERNAME -> THEREUSERNAME
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