I have been coding my app ( pc ) using android studio for weeks and some reason the xml code isnt working >:( its very dumb whoever made xml can stick it up their blowhole its useless! its just data store that people can edit lmao all ya need is a text editor and a decompiler and i can basically turn a switch into a button :/ the xml has not been working for 2 weeks and mum says i develop useless apps / games and i need to study more

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    I agree that XML is shit to work with, but please, tell me - when was XML spec'd?
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    Why *The Fuck* are you editing the xml directly???
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    I have to disagree with your mom.
    You're learning to make apps, it should count as studying though not in conventional way.
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    Because i have to edit the xml directly

    thats what android studio devs do? dont they write the xml for their java code?

    also im not editing im writing it out and idk what the hell im doing wrong i wish json is here
    xml is garbage
    also overclockgd uses AIDE for his apps and said his xml always works (aide is on android lol)
    i think what im doing is a bit good and keeping it up. im learning how to make mini games now its kinda fun i tried learning kotlin (shitlin) im never going back to that sespool
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    So, given its possible to convert between xml and json, they're just 2 different ways of representing structured information. You could even write json.

    And iirc android studio has some kind of wysiwyg editor for ui doesn't it?

    And yes in theory a user can just edit an apps xml, they can also edit its binary (see game cracking). The os has some level of protection against malicious attacks (permissions, sandboxing), and any server should validate input, so ultimately, why does it matter?

    Html is just xml, the web's done pretty well with that.
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    what.... the... shit.
    Android studio (and eclipse before it) has a perfectly usable WYSIWYG editor overlay for Andorid UI xml editing.
    Sure - you edit the dumb thing by hand, like some sort of Macguyver/Ninja/Monkey combo - but, if you really want to get down and dirty... you can also create the layout in code! Why not do that?
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    @magicMirror but it requires xml dont it?
    i have seen an image of someone writing the xml in the android studio xml editor for their layout but alright then if you say so
    <Relative layout>
    <items i dont care about writing>
    <confusing shit>
    <Relative layout>
    Alright then! here we go but dont blame it on me if i come back with a run time error or a distorted android ui also i figured this out so dont r*pe me if so then use lube
    Java > dex > smali
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