I'm currently at a company where we have "performance reviews" every 2 weeks, and based on the outcome we get a percentage which then is used to calculate a performance bonus.

This is simply my manager (also a developer) who has his Excel spreadsheet, looking at tasks I did over the course of the past 2 weeks and almost nitpicking to find some fault. There is no code review or software demo to see what's been done either... I was there for the first 3 months and I don't think anyone had even open my code!

And when confronted, I get told that "You should also somehow be financially liable for the goings-on in the business", along with a 2 hour meeting to support that.

This is NOT how you motivate developers!

Apologies for the long rant...


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    The code is only as good as the requirements that describe it and the technical specification which backs it up.

    Personally I wouldn't stand for it and would be looking for another job.

    There is managing and there is micro managing and it sounds like your getting the latter and it's not nice.
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    @bluescreen I'm currently in the process of getting outta there! Hopefully it's just one more month!!!

    You talk about micromanagement... this is the very definition of micromanagement!

    Just to add to the rant...
    We are graded per week and this is tallied up for the final percentage. Another dev and I "misunderstood" said requirements, and were punished by the CTO who zeroed (yeah, a big fat 0) the last week of our performance review as punishment! 😡
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    ...and my manager is so far up the CTOs ass, all you see is his shoe sticking out!
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    @GinjaNinja what is this? School all over again?
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    @tisaconundrum Apparently so! And my manager and the CTO (and even some other devs) have absolutely no qualm with this... so much so that they defend it! #rulewithanironfist
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    Micro managing rarely works in the long run. It is healthy to try to better your situation. You spend a lot of time at work and you should enjoy it.
    Good luck.
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    @Jumpshot44 I couldn't agree more! And as I've mentioned, I am in the process of getting the he'll outta there.

    I just wish some of these managers would actually take the time to find out what motivates developers, rather than the micromanagement processes that they're currently applying!
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