Hi everyone,

Over the last couple of days we experienced an issue posting images on devRant posts and comments. This issue should now be fixed.

Apologies for the delay, it to address, it took some digging and we had some alerting that failed that would have helped quickly identify the source of the issue, but unfortunately that part of the alerting wasn't working as expected.

Despite the issue being fixed, there is a bit of additional maintenance that will take place to prevent it from occurring in the future. There could be a couple of minutes of downtime today, March 13 at around 10pm EST, but I'm hoping that can be avoided. I will update in the comments on this rant.

Lastly, and unrelated to this issue, an academic research team has been working on a project involving devRant/types of content posted, and would appreciate feedback and help with a short survey they put together for anyone who is interested: https://devrant.com/rants/3923796/...

Thank you again for the patience and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

p.s. attached is a relevant meme, according to some people, who thought/hoped this was a feature :)

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