Once I forgot to break a loop that was supposed to send 100 email to a colleague in the middle of the night.

She did not get 100 emails, she got alot more

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    I think this is my favourite so far haha
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    So, there all the spam comes.. get him! :]
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    Best one so far. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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    where was your unit test :P
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    Should be added that I created a cronjob to do it, 3 AM.
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    I did the same to test my first ever mail server I set up (years ago) . In the end, I blacklisted my own domain and felt like an idiot.
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    Lol, happened to me as well. Luckily I realized what I did after a few minutes, but still my mailbox got so flooded that I received email during all the day
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    I once flooded a designer with 1000 emails (we were decently close previously) ever since then, we haven't spoke a word to one another because he went apeshit
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    Well, you are lucky. I was sleeping tight when the cronjob ran.

    She had to reset her phone after that.

    1000 emails is nothing to cry about :p
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    @Linux trust me, he went apeshit because he didnt know how to bulk delete the emails.
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    @Linux umm.. reset phone? Will that work for iPhone? 😂
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    Dont know, would be awesome if that killed it
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    @Linux I did it as a prank. I had newly learnt email sending via django. I put "you are an asshole" and sent it to my friend in an infinite loop
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