Short rant: I hate xcode, I hate Swift, I hate Apple.

After 3 weeks of intensive work (I'm an apprentice, part-student, part-worker), I was happy to go back to school and was like "Oh we're going to learn iOS, sounds cool !".

It is now friday, I have homicidal tendencies growing inside me, I want to cry whenever I hear xcode or swift.

Why in the hell I can't use a string argument when I'm calling a function NEEDING a string arg ?
Why do xcode take so long to tell me that there is a problem, why is the error message not explicit AT ALL ?
Why dictionaries so hard to manipulate, EVEN IN JAVA IT'S SIMPLIER.
Why putting our API call in specialized files make them run AFTER EVERYTHING ELSE and the solution that is given to us is deprecated since 5 years ?
Why is a classic c-style for loop is now deprecated ?

These are just a drop in the ocean of WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT that we came across this week.

Fuck Swift, fuck xcode.

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    I haven't used xcode nor swift, but I'd imagine I'd hate them just as much as I hate Apple
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    I‘m an iOS dev for some years now and I have no idea what you are taking about 😅
    You can’t pass a string? Special API file? Hard to manipulate dicts?
    Of course there are some problems with Xcode and Swift, but maybe you need a different teacher?
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    I assume you haven't touched Objective-C...
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    @PuzzlesDev exactly what I am thinking. This sounds like a bad teacher / poor understanding of Swift syntax. Manipulating dicts is easy AF, idk what he’s talking about lol.
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    @kamen Yeap the file management is a mess of spaghetti..... Even PHP is better ...
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    Eh..? This just doesn’t sound anything like working with Swift. What the hell is going on there?

    Also, for crying out loud, get AppCode and stop using that abomination (Xcode)! Thank me later...
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    Swift had the balls to do some things differently and better for all. Deprecating the classic for loop is one good example. If you want it back, Swift is just not for you.
    For most other devs, Swift is a blessing because it is different.
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