ISP: "We are going to give you this piece of garbage Puma6 modem that will cause your internet to randomly die because we want to save a few bucks instead of actually having it function properly"
Me: "Can I replace it with my own?"
ISP: "No?"

I love not having fibre.
So either I shoot myself in the foot by going to another ISP (meaning I'll get *at best* 1/5th of the speed, while my current speed already is a severe bottleneck) or I have to keep content with this fucking piece of garbage internet that decides to commit sudoku over nothing...

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    But have you tried replacing it by your own? Maybe they just want you to use theirs because they either have some kind of spyware installed or they don't want to loose profit of renting that garbage.
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    "Theirs" is ussually open to the public and has a back door for firmware upgrades, again public to the net by defualt.

    Buy your own and bring the configuration over to the new one and plug it in, odds are it will sync up anyway.
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    Commit sodoku lol
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    Yeah, it'll probably work fine in my experience. At least give another one a try.
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    @nitwhiz "sudoku" kinda replaced the actual "suicide" word for a few seconds for me, had to retrieve it from deep memory
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    i am lucky that it is illegal in my country, to allow only the router/modem from the provider.
    Its defined as the last passive point of access (end of fiber/cabel/...)
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    @lamka02sk Yes, I actually tried slamming in my old modem (which had no issues at all, outside being older hardware) but that didn't work sadly :\

    It isn't rented either... We do borrow it but no monthly fee for the thing or anything.

    @pogromist Sudoku indeed refers to "seppuku" (ritual suicide)

    @stop Sadly, it's legal in The Netherlands D:

    The ACM ("Autoriteit Consument en Markt"/"Authority Consumer and Market") is lobbying to get it into law that it becomes illegal but hasn't succeeded yet.

    A few ISPs agreed and support open-modem choice but the one I have doesn't and isn't gonna do so anytime soon.
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