Saw my uncle using Microsoft Edge today.

Me: Uncle, you should use Chrome or Firefox. They are better.
Uncle: Windows 10 showed a pop up few days back that chrome drains battery faster. So I uninstalled chrome.
Me: But Windows is fooling you to use its product. Edge is horrible and useless.
Uncle: So you think you are smarter than Windows people? Are they idiots who designed this whole software?

Microsoft u got 1 more Edge user. Enjoy, you lying and misleading company.

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    I don't know who is worse, Microsoft with its scheming or Apple with its 'we are the almighty.'
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    😧 this alternative facts fiasco is really sad and scary. Need to prevent people/organisations from getting away with their lies and alternarive facts before it gets worse.
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    It's not misleading. Edge is far more optimized for low end hardware.

    The ignorance is outstanding. Run benchmarks before jumping to conclusions.

    That said, I use Chrome almost exclusively on my desktop. And I use Edge exclusively on my value tablets. (Chrome is junk on low end x86 hardware)
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    @Neotelos that's what I like to see though, a benchmark. I am not claiming that Edge is more efficient, neither am I claiming that chrome is. So the ones who are making that claim should give the link to their experiment. Not expect every user to do it.
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    @Neotelos I couldn't agree more with you! Although I also use Edge on my desktop because of the syncing features
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    They're not actually lying but when I saw that pop-up I immediately sent in a complaint to the windows feedback center. I use chrome for a reason now leave me alone...
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    Microsoft should just learn to make a product that people want to use like chrome, follow some fucking standards and win the crowd over, not ignore the world and diss the competition. Fucking lamd
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    I think Edge is going to be as good as Firefox and Chrome in a couple of years. Microsoft has already commented that Edge-Webkit differences are treated as bugs.
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    @Artemix Edge 15 beats Firefox 48 by a margin in compliance, and only losses by small margins to Chrome and Opera. Safari 10 is way behind all the other browsers, so far behind it only beats Edge 12 by under 2% in some tests.

    To all, get over your hatred of MS browsers. Edge is not perfect, but it is a decent browser and viable daily contender for less than ideal hardware. Again, Edge 15 is more standards compliant than Firefox 48.
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    He has only 22 +1's because Microsoft already killed him rip
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    @aadilp When was the last time they actually cared about fixing bugs
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    Edge is actually very pleasant to use. More so than Chrome and Firefox.

    For what it's worth, I was using Chrome on macOS the other day and it suggested I use Safari over Chrome so it's not just Microsoft trying it.
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    Guys, can we all stop arguing which browser is better and just start using Firefox+tree-style tabs? Having tabs vertically on the top feels like whoever thought of doing that wanted you to suffer every moment of your browsing. There's no way I'm switching to anything else if it doesn't have an alternative.
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    @alexanderholman id second that, crazy backwards tree tabs
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    Chrome uses so much battery that we should all stop using it to reverse global warming.
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    Opera is also good
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    @Neotelos not sure why you keep mentioning firefox 48 when they are currently on version 51.
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    thank you for your statement, totally agree with you
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    @biskus PLEASE make this a standalone rant
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    @rusty-hacker because I didn't have Firefox installed and stats for 48 were readily available. If it makes you happy, Edge 15 still beats Firefox 51. Enjoy.
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    What is the problem? can't you start using Edge too?
    Hope Microsoft blocks Chrome and Firefox.

    The funny thing was that a friend to me used chrome because his banks customer service recommended that.
    What I did, was remapped the Chrome shortcut to Edge, and then uninstalled Chrome.
    When he asked why Chrome looks different, I said it was a Chrome update.
    Mission accomplished, friend uses Edge without knowing it.

    The bank's page is a bit buggy in Edge, but thats a fault of the bank. In the same way TeliaSoneras page sometimes crash Edge because the web masters of TeliaSonera don't know how to code crash-free web sites...
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    Ready, set, Goooo!

    Qualifying round, pre-anniversary update : https://youtu.be/GRntGlKg-ZY

    Round 1: https://youtu.be/sHeAa4fzVNQ

    Round 2: https://youtu.be/pEy-qejAbbg


    Winner: Microsoft Edge

    Do you understand why that popup appears now?
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    Edge has become snappier and faster than chrome nowadays.
    Although the blanket claim of Chrome draining battery is misleading. I am on a fucking desktop, so it doesn't have a battery...
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    @Artemix still much better than safari today. For most people, it's actually quite nice.
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    And here I am having no problems with edge and yes FYI I also use chrome for things and sometimes IE
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    Well to be honest I texted it on my laptop and it indeed used less battery, and my fucking CPU doesn't run 40+c when using edge or Vivaldi
    Fuck chrome
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