Recruiter: we're looking for someone who knows .Net and "JAVA practices".

Me: <WTF is "java practices">
Me: <googling "java practices">
Me: dear recruiter, I know dotNet and good programming practices but there isn't thing like "java practices" in dotNet.

Recruiter: <no shit given>

Me: <why such incompetency is in charge of my potential future job?>

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    Java practices exist in any language featuring inheritance of some sort - and allowing for names like "abstractBasicFooManagerSkeleton".
    It is all about the spirit of having class hierarchies that are deep enough to drown the biggest architecture fuckups imaginable...
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    I would interpret that as ".net and Java" practices - applying to both.
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    Just Say Yes
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    @Oktokolo You forgot a couple of Factories there....
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    @magicMirror one needs a builder before one can have a factory
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    Recruiters generally know fuck all, the only thing more impressive than how little they know is how much they want to look like they do. Tell them you’ve got loads of experience of Java practices but mostly in a FORTRAN context, and watch them nod thoughtfully and pretend to write it down.
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    If you’re writing in a low level language like c/cpp it’s good java practice to block every single thread whenever you want to free memory. That way it feels more like Java
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