>Me: *wants to do something in plain JS*
>Idiots on SO: "Here, have a jQuery solution"

How about fuck off with your jQuery?

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    Is that seriously still a thing?

    Anyway, here, have a Typescript solution
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    @alexbrooklyn "Here, have a Java solution"
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    Yeah seen that too many times, pisses me off.
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    old joke
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    Nice one - but reality isn't much better:

    The accepted and most upvoted answer looks like written by a die-hard code golfer.
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    @alexbrooklyn Thank you for the robust piece of code, sir! You make this world a better place.
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    @Oktokolo I was really just considering to downvote your comment...

    Not because of you but because that answer on SO just made me cringe soo daaaamn badly...
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    I hate that too, jquery is officially dead.
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    Converting jQuery to vanilla JS is usually pretty fucking easy.

    Nonetheless if the solution works you probably got the concept od how to solve the problem at hand.
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    But if you don't want it, why be cajoled into using it.
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    I love stuff at vanillajstoolkit.com

    Nowadays you don't need jquery, neither framework :)

    I hopu more people would try this, instead of diving to framework 99%
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    @theMaintainer Never said it was difficult but still a massive pain nonetheless.

    @danielstaleiny I don't use jQuery in most project anymore (I only needed a few parts of it so I build my own library for those things to still make it easy).

    I do sometimes (depending on circumstances) use a framework though... primarily EmberJS (since that is the only one I've tried that doesn't make me wanna commit warcrimes).
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