Hello, I just want to let you know I'm working on a 15 year old product and it is currently in production.

It uses Angular.js and one of the earliest versions of React.js. I cannot use ES6, we don't have Babel, no JSX syntax, no CSS preprocessor. No webpack.

I must support browser since IE6 with an ES3 syntax. (luckily I got some some polyfills for an ES5 syntax)

When I build a component I have to call React.createClass and React.createElement.

The render() function is basically a nested pile of React.createElement.

There is no documentation for this product, no tests, no anything.

I had to reverse engineer it in order to understand how it works.

The code base uses mixed programming styles and naming conventions, plus thousands of little js files.

Oh and obviously no hot reload, every time I make a change I have to restart everything.

Please, send help.
I'm in danger.

An underpaid developer

I'm not crying, you are crying...

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    If you wish to know more about it, I wrote a shorter rant before. You can easily find it out from my profile. It's literally the second-last. At the time of writing I didn't really know how deep this nightmare was... until now.
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    @N00bPancakes Just perfect
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    I just puked.
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    Why exactly it has to support highly outdated plateorm?
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    Leave. Run Now!

    But at least its not this: https://thedailywtf.com/articles/...
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    @iiii The reason is so dumb and stupid you would think it's a joke.

    It's because the old contract specifies the ie6 support... So... They pretend this is respected....

    Don't try to understand... I just stopped to think about it otherwise I feel worse.
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    @magicMirror Already evaluating another job, my time in this company is running out.
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    @xxzer0 I see...
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    @xxzer0 You might also try asking for a raise without leverage, nobody wants to work with that stack so you're a pretty valuable asset just for that.
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    @homo-lorens I know my current company is not that honest. They hire junior devs to make senior tasks and if I ask for a rise I'd get fired the next day the current project would end. That's why I'm looking for another workplace. In the end, we are just repleaceable workers.
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    You working for IBM? Used to work for IBM and they still had IE6 in their browser support matrix for a bunch of divisions. I think because they had old products that a handful of companies were still using and they didn't want to invest in completely updating them so only do patches every now and then
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    Head for the exit and look for another job before it is too late
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    I don't want to look like I'm complaining about my work. In the end, it's what I'm supposed to do, writing code... this project is fun too because I have to overcome technical limitations and I'm learning a lot about how transpiler simplifies our lives...

    I just don't like the work culture because it is really sad. They ain't really caring about the worker motivation, I feel like I'm being underpaid, there is zero organisation of whatever, there are no incentives, investment in your growth, your salary is stationary, we don't have a long term plan to improve knowledge and stuff.

    That's it.
    Just meh.
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    Ask for a raise. big one. effective immediatly.
    scenario A: They fire you. you don't have to work on this shit anymore. Win.
    scenario B: you get a big raise. Win.

    Scenario B is more likely to happen.
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    Tell me again how using JS helps development
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    I guess, at least you get paid. We are with you tho.
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    @danielstaleiny That's why I keep getting back here because I know you know the frustration we may face at work. Love ya all.
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    1. Ask for a raise
    2. Keep searching for other opportunities
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