What's worse than someone pointing their dirty finger on your laptop/desktop screen?

Someone pointing their opened/exposed ballpoint pen on your laptop/desktop screen.

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    Violence in response is legal in most states.
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    Ew who would do that 🥴
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    @yesNo apparently my customer. I just don't know what to do to a lady.
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    @agentQ "refrain from doing that or I will bill you for a new monitor"
    Money make wonders
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    So no covid distancing?
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    @agentQ oei thats very scary, i try to find it really hard meself to talk to the lady's.
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    Oh dude those guys just need to go to hell, I mean I don't even like the oil smudges that get on your keyboard keys, I just clean them with cleaning liquid and microfiber cloth
    And some people even have the audacity to eat chips and don't clean their hands while using laptop
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    I'm reminded of something worse, someone sitting on your cloth seat with a wet bottom !

    As such, always go for easy to wipe leather or vinyl..
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    Wait until a permanent marker
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    hands behind your back!
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