My laptop is powering off out of nowhere...

I've checked for SSD errors non found replaced it with HDD not issues at all ...

Any one can recommend a tool even if it's on Linux to scan for SSD issues?

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    Anything that can read SMART data such as the gnome disk utility, or GSmartControl from the smartmontools package.
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    Did you try powering it off and on again... wait, what?

    What would lead you to think it's a disk issue anyway?
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    Makes sense. I remember when I was getting bad sectors on my old disk, so I replaced my power supply.
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    @Fast-Nop thank you I'll check let's hope I find something
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    @electrineer because it doesn't just disconnect it acts as if I told it to hibernate were screens goes black and the led on laptop body starts blinking. If it was power issue shouldn't it just disconnect?
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    @lungdart I'm not following how is this related ?
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    Does it go to sleep when you are moving mouse or pressing keys (other than the sleep key)?
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    Because a power issue will almost certainly not be caused by an ssd.

    An ssd also doesn't command a laptop to go to sleep.

    Check your system logs for AHCI requests, and log out reason (last works well in Linux)
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    @electrineer yes it sometimes does this at login, sometimes at file browsing sometimes at standby ... I also ran all hardware tests that comes with Lenovo diagnosis tool no issues :/
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    @lungdart I'll check thanks for your help
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    Even with a power issue the SSD may still get power. Depending on how exactly the PSU becomes defective the fans, if the system has any may keep spinning etc.

    "Notebook" + "shutdown" should make you think of overheating issues, though if that was the case, then the SSD should indeed shutdown fully.

    Other candidates together with the PSU are a bricked mainboard, as well as the CPU (albeit less likely), especially if the latter has been operating under too much heat for lengthy periods of time.
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    @Maer @AtuM thank you I will do a check, s far I've ran extensive diagnosis test and I could easily fry an egg on it yet still running, guess need to check AHCI events?
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    Is it an SATA SSD or an NVME or ...?

    Different protocols, different drivers.

    AHCI / ACPI could be related.

    Do you have a model number?

    Which kernel version?
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    Did you spill anything on the power button or anywhere else?
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    @gitpush that sounds more like ram than hdd, if it is not a power issue.
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    What is the model? Do you have some extarnal usb splitter, Rgb something from Chinatown, external something? Do you have something connected to it what uses poe? Is it doing it when its connected to the charger? Try to power it without the battery but with charger in. Its quite shady without the proper info, but if it got overpover anytime it can be electronical issue in the psu.
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