lel just noticed a pattern here:

if someone asks newbie questions on devrant about anything - gets shat on

but if that person asks about react - its all roses and rainbows

i say there's a new cult in town and theyre recruiting!

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    Fuck react, where's this react loving hippy? 🔪 😖☠️
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    Just your casual react fanboy who doesn’t know shit and shares it happily.

    Carry on.
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    Are my eyes slowly failing or is it just your eyes having a seizure? Because I can't see that pattern here.
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    @ostream its not that.
    1. C/ASM master race. bc all of frameworks belong to us!
    2. C cult doesnt share. we conquer:p
    3. afaik, the only valid questions on devrant are:
    -really fucked up stuff that s.o gave up on:)
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    a lil late, but here you go, friend:)

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    @ostream actually im far from being that kind of person, but as we say in my country,

    when youre among the crows, better learn how to croak:)
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    I never understood why people are hating on react
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    React? Roses and rainbow?

    "Come on , I don't do that" sayeth the Erlang and elixir guy.
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    Yeah but you always have a naysayer or someone who has had a shit day and looks for an outlet. I think we got used to seeing such fragile characters on devrant. Ya know, coexisting.
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    @NoMad i know, but a part of me wished we were easier on the noobs.
    another part of me holds true the idea that if one prowls the interwebs, they ought to have a thick skin.
    so yeah, its just another rant. an expression of mild frustration without any real intention of changing things:)
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    @bad-frog well, I'm fine with both ranting about it and defending the newbies. You won't hear an argument about it from me. I was just offering my best guess. 😬
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