Looks like Apple is the new Microsoft and Microsoft is the new Apple...

I remember when every release of Windows was a catastrophic mess and you had to wait until at least SP2 to get the OS to work in a stable way. And Internet Exploder was *the* browser that broke everything, every time. And there was the whole embrace/extend thing, where they tried to impose their vision of web standards and compatibility, and *everything* you used *had* to come from Microsoft...

And now, it's Apple who fuck up every single OS release, on mobile and desktop, and whose browsers openly shit on web standards (ever try developing anything for Mobile Safari?). Apple's stuff that only works with Apple stuff (down to things like headphone jacks - OOPS, forgot, they dropped those now).

Microsoft is making interesting, beautiful hardware (Surface machines) while Apple is pushing un-innovative, overpriced garbage year in year out. And they're open-sourcing more and more, while Apple walls itself further and further behind its walled "garden". Bleh.

Be interesting to see in 10 years what will have shifted, because it'll change again by then.

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    @thmnmlst quite probably... and the iHolo will cost 50% more than anyone else's, and only let you look at Apple stuff...
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    Well Apple stuff (hardware) is way more expensive because of the industrial design/materials/attention to detail and quality. Software (OS) is "free". You can choose to buy it or not. But your argument I suspect is about developing for it, which you have attached your general angst against Apple.
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    10++ yay avatar :)

    Apple has not made anything new in the past 3-4 years (other than force touch and open sourcing swift). They have not even tried to catchup with other laptop hardware specs, while increasing their prices.
    I bought a mac a few years ago for iOS development and in the next year or so when I'm going to buy a new laptop, it won't be an apple product. Nothing substantial has changed since I bought a product from them 4 years ago - other than being more expensive.
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    @rusty-hacker I got a Surface Pro 4 (i7/16GB/512GB) in late 2015, and I've loved that thing to bits. Perfect for web dev, runs 3 screens through the docking station without a hitch, and weighs basically bugger-all, which makes it a cinch to carry around. 9.5/10, would buy again.
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    The only reason why Apple doesn't go down is that fucking iPhone ... if at some point people decide that they don't want yet another iPhone Apple will go down because they totally ignore their pro users ...
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    @mak420 make no mistake, I hate Apple as much as the next person but let's not forget MS abandoned almost their entire business market when they released Win8/8.1 pushing the ridiculous metro touch UI on desktop PCs
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    yeah you are right but there is one difference between macOS and windows in this regard you can find windows in pretty much every business and alot of businesses really depend on windows ... if suddenly macOS disappeared it wouldn't make that much impact if windows would be gone so much companies would be totally fucked! and Microsoft did a really good job fixing that shitty UI in Windows 10 and with project neon it will be (hopefully) another step forward in the right direction
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    I didn't know OS X use to be spyware
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    @helloworld take a look at the new surface devices. The surface studio for example. It leaves even Apple behind in engineering
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    MS is terrible in marketing. Thats all. IMO.
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    @abcdev whereas Apple, nowadays is nothing BUT marketing. It's a shared!E, because they did produce revolutionary things, back when Jobs was alive. Now it's just thinner and more expensive.
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    @curlmudgeon dunno what happened there... That word was meant to be"shame". SwiftKey had a fit...
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    @flag0 i think the drawing board thing is something quite beautiful. I must concede, however, i think macOS is far superior, and I would never compromise on that. That's why I can never, at least presently, buy Microsoft.
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    yeah lets talk about that in 10 years when apple is dying again and there's no jobs who will save it :P
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    @mak420 I was on Mac when it was a nobody, then NeXT. Now Mac again. Microsoft is still way behind on its OS.
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