LinkedIn is an alternative reality unhooked from the rest of the world, where hypocrisy and arrogance meet, creating Leaders, Experts and Analysts.

- Every company is an industry leader globally.
- Every offer is life-changing.
- Every normal person suddenly is an expert in his field
- Each candidate is an expert in time management, customer relationships, and software development priorities.
- They are all happy to share their achievements in a disinterested way
- They all deal with important issues, with great reflections on the meaning of life and reality around us
- Each written post usually starts with a question followed by a life experience
- Companies are dynamic, they change their internal processes on a daily basis

Please shoot me, I've had enough of this shit.

- Few companies are leaders globally
- The offers you make are traps and I always have to look for where the bullshit is.
- You're not an expert in your field if you've been doing the same thing for 10 years without moving your ass out of that chair.
- If you were a time management expert, I wouldn't have to call you every week for unresolved tasks, and I wouldn't even have to do 150 meetings to postpone the goals set. Exactly what is your experience with the customer? Because by heart shutting up and always saying yes is not a good way to get the job done.
- I have great news for you. Nobody gives a shit about your work successes. At most they're envious.
- If you really are such a deep and introspective person... how the fuck is it that working with you is hell?
- Copying a quote from a website and then building a narrative on it doesn't automatically make you a superstar
- Companies, especially the largest ones, take years to change and if they do it is because there is the economic motivation behind it, not because they are visionaries.

This rant was written by scrolling through my LinkedIn feed.

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    What are you still doing on LinkedIn? I thought developers had left it like 5 years ago
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    @react-guy What alternatives there are?
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    Who sell crap products no less
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    Remember the revolutionary products that would allow hackers to turn off your lights and unlock your front and back doors via a modern smart phone app ? Lol
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    @react-guy what is the alternative ?
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    Hr on LinkedIn is the best: in a previous rant I mentioned an hr person going out of their way to say they are so happy to get up at six and get back at 8 pm so that they can work on the workplace and not at home! This very smart person forgot to look how they appear on photo and I swear if you paid attention you could see them asking for another pandemic so that they don’t have to put up with this shit again… but it’s LinkedIn so let’s be hyped about it!
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    LinkedIn is Instagram for professional assholes.

    Check out my favourite page

    And also let me tell you that I hate Instagram and LinkedIn with pure passion.
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    @Floydimus Yoooooo such a nice reddit, awesome, subscribed. Thank you so much.
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    @xxzer0 that's why I am here, to guide fellow LinkedIn haters towards enlightenment.
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    Wait, you guys still use linkedin?
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    @molaram only for job hunt and is deactivated rest of the time.
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    No idea how much self promoting bullshit PR pushing people you got in your network, but I'm not seeing the same issue on my end.
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    @Floydimus why would someone hunt jobs on linkedin? seems loaded with shit jobs, indian spam and retarded HR pukes since 10 years ago
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    @molaram I have been lucky that I scored my last few opportunities from LinkedIn primarily because Indian job portals are literally pig shit.

    I agree on Indian spam and HR crap. Former is worst. Indians are shit.
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    Ah yes. Been a while since we had a generic feel good rant. Well done.
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    @xxzer0 stackoverflow jobs and 80000hours.org
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    @NeatNerdPrime I'll look at them carefully, thank a lot
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