I just released my first NPM package that is actually functional and used in a private project (https://npmjs.com/package/@lbfalvy/...) and I have to say, the quality of debug tooling for Node is abysmal. I spent 4 hours just on Webpack's "Field browser doesn't contain a valid alias configuration" error which simply means "package not found", and then getting Rollup to output a working compiled javascript _and_ a d.ts was its own day-long ordeal.

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    Ey this seems useful for some stuff I've got laying around. Good Work
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    @Ranchonyx Currently there is an extra reload at some point that I can't seem to get rid of, but otherwise it seems quite fast and reliable. Fortunately JSX compiles to object literals which are very fast with Object.entries() so the main bottleneck is probably Object.fromEntries(). I might convert it to for...in later but for now I'm glad it works.
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    Fixed reload and added a test case for it, also the extra reload turned out to be a perfectly reasonable result of how I structured the test, it was always going to pass with 2 renders and fail if an extra one slipped in somewhere.
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    I'm talking as if I had automated tests, lmao.
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