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    Do I sense a challenge?

    Good night @Floydimus, it's almost that time for me too.
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    @C0D4 should be super early morning for you. But good night anyway.

    Definitely not a challenge.
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    Yeah I surely don't know 😅
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    I wasn’t an active participant in the last series but I sure was a spectator.

    This time, I am gonna partake!

    Good night, Cyanide!
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    @ScriptCoded I am safe. Hahaha everything is now part of my game.

    @Cyanide I already hate you but good night.
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    @Floydimus No now I want to know! You're just making it more interesting you know
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    @ScriptCoded if I let you know, it'll only harm me.

    I hope no else let's you know either.

    But before that, I wonder how you don't know it. You are an early member of this platform IIRC.
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    @ScriptCoded I LOVED this.
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    Good night so early? Its only 11
    Where living now?
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    @Eklavya in denial.
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    @Floydimus I've never been very involved in things, I mostly read and post occasionally. And I won't force you or anyone to tell me ;)

    Thanks btw
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    @ScriptCoded lol it's not about forcing. It's that if these assholes get to know, they'll annoy me more 😂😂😂

    I'll tell you tomorrow. Off to bed now. Have fun homie. Remind me this.
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    @Floydimus Haha okey sure, won't forget 😅
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    Honestly doesn't flow quite as well with your new name but whatever
    Good night @Floydimus
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    Good Morning @Floydimus

    @ScriptCoded I see you joined in
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    @C0D4 I Don't know what is happening and quite frankly I am scared to ask.

    Is this just a good morning, good night Thread?
    If so, fork()
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    @C0D4 Oh fuck I get it now. Kinda. Let's try, I barely know if I even dare...

    Good morning @Floydimus
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    @ScriptCoded @Ranchonyx hahahaha

    So here we go..

    Back in days, the community was a hustling place with someone being active any given time.

    I, as you all know, am a classic shit poster. 😎
    One night, I was going to bed and there was some mega thread that happened.

    Somehow, people were tagging each other while responding and me being all over, was getting tagged many times. This behaviour caused so many notifications that my phone turned into a vibrator.

    So I humbly asked all the fellow retards to STOP FUCKING TAGGING ME AND ALLOW ME TO SLEEP, BLOODY FUCKS.

    And you guessed it right. Apes started wishing me Good Night individually. Tell them not to do something and they'll end up doing it even more 🙈

    And then almost every night and on random post, Floyd was wished Good night by multiple users.

    And that, my friend, was one of the insider tradition we had out of many more.

    This post is all about missing those days.
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    @Floydimus let's revive it then
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    @Ranchonyx fuck you. 😂😂
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    @Floydimus minus the Torture.
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    @hubiruchi Lol I get notif only once.

    Also you missing these days. How's everything?
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    @hubiruchi Trying to be like @Jilano
    Not posting any rant
    You can't be that Lol
    Just sayin'
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    @Eklavya it's the other way round kid.
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    @Floydimus thanks man, I am great actually! After a rough couple of months I am currently changing literally everything in my life. How about you? I've seen your recent rants and congrats on the new job. Didn't even realize those rants were yours. What convinced you to come back?
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    @Eklavya naaah I'm just here for the content
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    You’ve basically asked for it. 😂

    Good Night @Floydimus !
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    @hubiruchi what happened, all well? Anything serious?

    I really hope the change is for good. If you need help or support, I can try my best to be there for a friend :)

    Thanks. Yes, new job is pretty kickass. Loving every bit for now.

    Reason I came back is that this place is a home to me and you guys are like a lifeline to be honest. I have met and befriended much much better people here than in real life or any other social forum.

    So yes, you are the reason I am here and will always be :)
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    @Floydimus I am fine, the rough months were just something mentally. The changes are great! And they are all things I choose. New job, new apartment and new everything else. Nice to see you back and ranting!

    And of course good night
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    @hubiruchi Good to see you bounce back and happy for your new change. Keep at it bro. You deserve success and happiness.

    Hahaha indeed good night :P
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    @Floydimus now that you explained it, I remembered those times.

    That was a golden time. I miss so many people from those times...

    Anyways, good night, Floyd Haha
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