Comment your reason. Mine is because nobody pesters me because there all asleep 😴

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    I can watch porn and code peacefully.
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    I am batman. I am the night.
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    Just a night owl. Sleep is for the weak.
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    I have a family so the day is for them, and the temporary day job, night time is for coding. It works well enough.
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    Its cuz the day has 2-4 hours less than we crippled non moving brainworkers need to get tired.

    I file a ticket to God
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    @RazorSh4rk you merely adapted the night. I was born in it, molded by it.
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    It's 2:30 😏 right now
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    I actually find myself more productive at night. Also I have less distractions, since the TV shows are terrible and all my friends are sleeping.
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    @phil223 sorry to troll your post but couldn't resist myself.

    You wanted to say "they're" which means they are. "...they're all asleep."

    Not "there". There refers to a place. Here, there.

    No hard feelings bro just wanted to correct.
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    I think I'm nocturnal. I'm most awake and my highest levels of productivity are at night. Probably as it's calmest and no distractions as everybody is mentioning. But that makes me wonder what if I go to a serene place like the mountains and stay there for a while and code. As it is calm even in day there, then would it make a difference? Food for thought.
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    This comic perfectly depicts why I code at night.
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    A fellow developer and I once pondered this exact question as to why we could code so much better at night. We did some research and there is actually some scientific research behind it. Apparently the later in the night it gets the more your brain has to focus on the task at hand. Hence any distractions or wondering that your brain normally picks up on become irrelevant and you focus more on the code.

    But yeah probably all the junior devs, qa, product owners and BA's not interrupting you every ten minutes helps too.
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    Nothing as coding in the darkness and silence of the night with an energy drink near you.

    Also if you add cats you are such a God.
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    @Koolstr Oh, how many times that has happened to me.

    Personally, I had two two week streaks during college where I went on less than a half hour of real sleep the entire period (though probably some microsleep in there, I grant). Ever since, I've lost all sense of what's a reasonable bedtime. I feel like I'm wasting time I could be doing things if I go to sleep before midnight, and typically hit my creative peak around 3am...
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    @Kaji Yes, that same thing probably holds true for most of us. Nighttime is really special. Too bad society doesn't approve or accommodate people like us who are night owls..
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    @Koolstr society does not approve us even coding during the day, so f*ck them up xD
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    I'm only a night coder because when i'm on a roll I can't stop and end up coding through the night and then when daylight hits i suddenly realise the time and feel tired, so i got to sleep and my bio rythm is f* up so i end up coding only during the night untill the weekend, at which point i reset my sleeping pattern.
    Next day, on Monday, I'll be on a coding roll again..
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    Its not good to our health
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    Devs are just too ugly for sunlight....thats why
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    Because I'm Batman.
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    There is only "int 80h" at night))
    (Linux kernel interruption)
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    Clients, more commonly knows as idiots, are asleep.
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