🎶 Fixing production issues 🎶
🎶 Fixing production issues 🎶
🎶 In other people’s code! 🎶

Seriously, how am I still in a good mood when I have to deal with this?

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    I always chuck it up to, "if I don't laugh, I'd cry"

    Plus, it's Ruby, so there's that to be happy about.
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    I love debugging other people's code. It's a completely different challenge to my day-to-day and so it feels more like a game.
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    But if fixing others shit is your day-to-day, it eventually turns into candy crush
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    To add a little more info to this, it’s a race condition in some JavaScript produced by a gem (with a >90% failure rate locally…), and the best solution I found was to replace some of it via regex scalpel. Yay for setTimeout.

    I have no idea how anyone can release code like this.

    It literally:
    1) Includes external library
    2) immediately uses something defined by that library
    3) throws because that isn’t defined yet

    JC GFJ
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    Sometimes, insanity just gets you, my dear. Then you just go with "oh, ok.. *switches to heavy metal channel*.."
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    I guess someone doesn’t understand async then lol. That’s pretty bad, hopefully this is from a junior
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    🎶 On production server 🎶
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    If only I could fix reproduction issues that easily.
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    Because may be you know for a fact that those bugs not caused by your code?
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    Usually it just makes me angry because of how useless/lazy the other person is. idk
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    I like to grumble in a similar manner as long as I don’t have an asshole for a boss
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    i have nothing ontopic to say, i just wanted to feel the breeze of @Root after i noticed some sneaky upvotes from you and realized how sad i am they're no actual comments, but just upvotes...
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    @Midnight-shcode I also have nothing on topic to say I just picture root as being cute and like that you have a man crush on me lol
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