Why does Ubuntu get so much hate on here?

Is it because people believe it doesn’t act according to the spirit of the Linux community (whatever that is) or are their technical reasons?

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    Its got a UI and it's not Arch Linux...
    I'm guessing, but that's probably it.
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    Maybe the bloat and people still caring about resources consumption while today's hardware is cheap
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    I don't know. I prefer Ubuntu both on servers and desktop. It just works for me, no suprises. And I haven't noticed any bloat. Ok, there was the Amazon thing years ago but so what?
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    The UI is butt ugly, it's not as polished as it tries to be and this insistence on Snap apps with forced updates is a dealbreaker for me either way.

    If I want a good experience out of the box I just go for something like Mint. Or I install something Arch-based (like Antergos back then) because that package management and official Wiki are just really fucking hard to compete with.

    I don't hate Ubuntu, I just don't wanna use it because dozens of other distros do it better.
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    @deadlyRants The user interface is not Ubuntu specific, it's Gnome. Personally I use KDE which I find way better and better looking.
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    concerning the ugly UI, there are more elegant and beautiful downstream distributions like Linux Mint or Ubuntu Budgie, the latter giving it some more Macbook-ish look and feel
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    I personally don’t like the UI. Other than that it’s great (abundance of software and PPAs)!
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    @Lyniven tell me about cheap hardware when you have to build a mid range pc for 1600€ only to watch it crumble and die because every fucking GUI application nowadays thinks it has to be a browser application running inside its own little chromium world
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    Memes that it's for "noobs" mostly. It's a long running Gag like I use arch BTW, but isn't actually meaningfull in any way as far as I'm concerned/aware
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    @LotsOfCaffeine 1600€ is cheap for a work tool I'm sorry.
    But no you definitely don't need that much nor using all those GUI apps, my point stands
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    @Lyniven for the crap hardware that you get right now it very much is overpriced
    A mid range GPU like the 3060 will be 600-800 €, like the fuck even

    And even if our computers are getting faster and faster, just saying "oh we don't need to be efficient" is just horrible.
    This attitude lead us to an operating system as slow and painful as windows 10.
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    Anyone who doesn't think resource consumption is important should be forced to code on a ZX81 for a week.
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    Used to really hate it when upstart was all the rage. When they where migrating to systemd there where still packages with sys-v style config files. Everything that has some service was started when installed so the more you install the shower the boot and resource heavy it got. gnome is generally a better interface than unity in my opinion. There was some controversy over Ubuntu trying to do is own thing almost intentionally splitting the community with things like upstart and mir.
    I like it fine for server not so much for desktop. Still too slow with bringing newer versions of my software in.
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    Ubuntu draws hate, and Mint even more so, because it means that you don't have to be a Linux wizard just to use Linux.

    Some geeks consider Linux usage as a tribal rite of passage, similarly to killing your first lion or whatever with a spear, and easy Linux distros seem to devalue their effort even after the fact.
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    @LotsOfCaffeine why would you need such a (super powerful) GPU to write code ? I mean, if you're a game dev or working high on crypto ok, but otherwise, literally never
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    @Fast-Nop idk why people are so up about it. IMO using Linux is just good, and it doesn't matter how much effort it takes. As long as people don't pretend to be an IT professional after installing Ubuntu once in a VM
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    @Lyniven not talking about coding specifically, just hardware in general
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    @Fast-Nop Who cares about what some dumb elitists hate.

    They're just pissed they have to manually etch a couple more bytes into the harddrive to recompile their browser on Gentoo.
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