I just realized I was living in my arse during university and I probably wasted some of the best years of my life.

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    I wasted most of the best years
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    I am still wasting even after hitting the realisation.
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    We all do, so at least you are in good company!

    Usually it’s something like this:
    The ones being alone regret not partying
    The ones partying regret not using their body when it was stronger
    The ones using their body (e.g sports/competitions) regret not dedicating more time to their interests alone

    The thing is just… be proud of what you did! Even if you spent all your night raiding on wow be proud of the guild you were in/ the emotions the game have you! There’s no turning bad, and this is scary, but it also means that there is no point in regretting how you used your young years!

    (Personally I only regret not building a better relationship with my father, now dead… and being shy af!)
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    @-red you're probably right.
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    True. Now imagine me who also was in uni for 10 damn years. A pitiful being
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    @-red youth is not returnable by anything.
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    @piratefox what if I cannot find anything that I can be proud for because I did nothing in particular? 🤔🤔🤔
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    YOLO... only thing you need to remember... But easy to forget....
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    @-red physical abilities are still a thing and a human prime time is at around 20-30 years old
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    @iiii Mhh you must have done something which made you into who you are, even just spending time with friends is something you can be proud of, as long as you built some good memories!
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    @piratefox funny thing: I have almost no memories of my past, except a few moments
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    @iiii I think I partially feel like you, I suppressed a lot of stuff… but I am working to get it back.

    If there’s anything you like in the few ones you have, even just sensations, make treasure of them
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    That’s what’s happening in general
    Now I’m sitting here wondering what you’re doing while someone else reposted this rant
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    Oh yes and the women not being enough of these bastards we’re just trying as I guessed to get me stuck
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    What should have been my best years were horrible
    Then they got worse and got laid a lot
    When I wanted to create or shape or learn the most active mental period where I could have easily made the most leaps in my Career were wasted among pretenders who are are still literally writing the same code but not because they forget
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    Why should it be so hard to stay afloat and find people who aren’t monsters ?
    If I were working at a cafe living in an alright flat in Europe or somewhere else not too hot with a bed a bookshelf a comp and some friends and a table with just a little money extra in a climate where people weren’t the evil cunts they’ve become I could be happy

    Why do these fucking creatures try to amke everything unpleasant for everyone ?
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    And why are you not all wanting them dead as well you fucking useless ugly stupid wasted sacks of hypocrisy ?

    Why are you all such cowards and all so goddamn weak ?
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