Not sure if pricing error, or Holy fuck balls.

But Assassins Creed Origins - Gold Edition is $20 right now🤯


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    What are the chances that it will be in a giveaway 5-10 years from now?
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    @KennyTheBard being Ubisoft, probably never going to happen 😂

    The Ancient Greece one was pretty good though, this is the Egypt one.
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    @C0D4 I think they gave away a few years ago AC1 to 4 for free on Uplay, and sold the 2 direct sequels for AC2 (brotherhood and revelations) for a few bucks as well
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    @C0D4 For Honor was already free once.

    But probably Ubisoft was paid for it handsomely. They're not known for leaving money on the table (or properly handling sexual misconduct).

    But sometimes game prices are just insane, especially on consoles. The Xbox version of Dark Souls 3 still costs 70 Euros (~$82). No, not the one including the DLCs. The base version. No, not an updated one for higher FPS on the newer hardware. There is no updated version. I paid about half that price for the game + DLCs on PC years ago. Those guys are fucking insane. /rant
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    It's not unusual. I got Far Cry 5 and New Dawn for like 10-15 bucks a while ago, I also got Control with all expansions for about the same price. Control was also completely free at one point (although without the expansions). All of those are AAA titles from the last 2-3 years, and IIRC they were all 60-70 bucks at launch.
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    $15 in freedom dollars
    (thanks @C0D4, been wanting to play it for a while)
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