I put a lot of work into trying to explain to you muggles what I do all day in a way you can understand (it's hard, trust me) and you still reject it as boring nerd crap. I'm sick of it! What if you told me working at that restaurant is "putting water on plates, wiping it off, and putting meat and cheese between slices of bread" and I said "wtf is that, and who cares?" Wouldn't that hurt your feelings, that I didn't even attempt to make a connection with you, friend? That I didn't even attempt to step outside my experience to meet yours? Isn't it equally insulting how far you have to dumb it down, just for me to lose interest entirely? And yes, I know that's not your specific task. That only proves my point further.

And why, exactly? Conceptually, you handle pre-digested poop all day.
_I teach plastic to think._ Sometimes it even thinks better than you do.
How is my job less interesting?
And what's more, why does EVERYONE seem to think so?

How do you expect people like me to keep your iPhones, bank accounts, and self-driving cars working if you alienate us like an alternate species for building those things? I mean really. You people treat us with a disinterest harmonious with homophobia. "Don't ask, don't tell." Except you do ask. And then you condescend as if working with my brain makes me less worthy of your attention than your exciting minimum-wage restaurant job.

Have fun with that, by the way.

Oh, and you're welcome for <object I fixed that wasn't really broken>. Maybe next time, just google it.
I know you won't.

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    well written
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    Epic af
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    I think you need a different social circle.
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    And that was a proper rant thank you sir!
    And I can relate to most parts
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    $ sudo apt-get install better-friends
    bash: Unable to locate

    Well shit
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    Welcome to software development. No-one gives a fuck so long as their app works.

    Do you give a fuck about how hard the mechanic worked to fix your car? Do you give a fuck about how difficult it was for him to remove the water cooler so that he could get to your timing belt? Do you give a fuck? Or do you just want your car to work?
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    @SSDD ...I give a fuck...
    Especially if that mechanic is my friend who I *just asked* what he does for a living, but I at least partially care otherwise.
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    You're in the very minor minority then.
    I don't give a fuck how difficult it was to fix my car, I just want it fixed.

    I don't give a fuck how challenging it was mount my tv on the wall, I just want it mounted.

    I don't give a fuck how dangerous it was for the guys fitting the tiles to the roof of my house, i just want them fitted.

    I don't give a fuck how complex tax and accounting is, I just want paid at the end of the month.

    And most people don't give a fuck how much work we do in the back end, they just want their app to work.

    Developers are well paid, do we need our egos massaged too?
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    You misunderstand - I don't need to be king of the world or domineer over people who pay me. I need people who genuinely care about me already (friends, family) to not run away screaming when I say the word "computer."
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    @SSDD you’re rant is accurate, but not precise to this topic. Op was saying he feels because people don’t understand his work, they alienate him, in a way that the don’t to others whose work they don’t understand. They don’t understand taxes or their car or their computer but they see the programmer as more of a nerd than the mechanic or the accountant. Not saying that’s right in general but it’s how op is feeling.
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    @jeeper fair enough ✌️
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    all I hear is mimimimi 😉
    I actually don't give a "flying rats ass getting done doggy-style" what other people think about my job.

    I somewhat understand your message, but nobody can sudo change people. People suck, I suck, you suck, pr0nstars suck a bit more, but we all suck.
    The end.
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    As programmers, we collect, organize, maintain, and harness knowledge. We document knowledge in specifications, we make it come alive in running code. This makes us the smartest and most influential people on earth with a real super power. The power of knowledge.
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    Correction: *those* people

    You are among peers here.
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    @rantalicious they ask :/ and then act disinterested
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    That was one of the reasons why I don't interact with humans, I prefer an all alone life style with interaction only with selected people because the rest are always like:
    1. Hey bro my phone isn't working
    2. Yo I have this idea that will make millions
    3. My TV is broken
    4. Can I travel to the moon using my phone?

    Damn humans!
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    Don't sell the unsellable.
    If someone is genuinely interested tell them. Otherwise talk about common interest. I doubt that if I talk to you about nail polish or makeup you're gonna enjoy the conversation. Unless I'm a girl and you wanna fuck me then you will pretend to be extremely interested.
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    Next time: I'm an engineer. What do I do? I engineer shit.
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    Right to the heart of it. Well said, man. I was blessed with GF who genuinely listened. It did not work out in the end due to other reasons.

    Now I get a laugh at my wife when we're commuting from work (same workplace but she's not a dev) and she asks me how my day was, and it was great, I finally solved a problem I was working on, and half way through my explanation she's usually dosed off :D
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    It's basically every job that involves computers, I'm called a nerd for talking about animation, everything out of the norm to the public is seen as nerdy and boring, I like it, it separates the open minds from the closed minds.
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