Tomorrow’s schedule:

7am-8: Yoga
8:45-10: Retro
10:15-10:45: Team Meeting
11-11:30: Interview
11:30-Noon: New project meeting
Noon-1pm: Foster care meeting with case worker (monthly check-in)
1pm-1:30: Train co-worker on how to restore databases
2pm-3pm : Onboard new DBA
3:15-4:15: Conference with AWS partner

Yup. I think I’ll complete a perfect zero LOC tomorrow. Oh, I’m also on-call.

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    Welcome to the meeting club.

    @C0D4 please give a customized name cup to our new member.
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    We shall name it "Meeting Survivor" 🏆

    Ooh, this feels like a contest in the making. Do we base it off hours survived or total meetings you entered into battle.
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