This is probably not a popular comment, but here are the reasons I sometimes do not like working from home.

- if I don't get food, the kid starve
- if there's a meeting, the kid decides to play piano
- I have to watch delivered food that needs refrigerated to rot, while I really want to focus on that mudafukin bug
- if misus is not sleeping during the day, there is a 50% chance I smell something burnt in the house

Feel free to add to this list

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    This is more personal but,
    I can't really focus on what i am working on because there is so much going on in my house
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    So whenever you work not from home, your house gets burned down...

    Ouch. Pretty pricey.
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    If your Internet is shit it will affect your work as well
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    I find that I can screw around for hours unbothered but the moment I knuckle down to do some work, someone in the house will need something
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    I do more exploratory work because nobody is watching. So I have my own development agendas directly competing with the official ones in JIRA. Nobody is going to pop by my desk and ask what I’m doing.
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    @TheBeardedOne ok but this is true in the office too
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    Looks like it all boils down to not having a separate room for work or an established don't-disturb policy at home.
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    @jeeper I suppose though I've had it worse at home
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