Perfect job? Does it even exist?

We do a job because it's something others consider tedious or difficult or time consuming.

So my perfect job would be one that feels like a hobby every day and pays very well.

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    Only if dog sitting paid very well 😌
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    @Cyanide Around here it does. 30€/dog/day (without food)
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    A perfect job is just your hobby
    Of course this you should do minimal income for living with it
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    Wait. I do a job which i consider tedious, difficult and time consuming. So i am not in a job !?
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    @purist sure but do others also consider it the same way? If it was easy and pleasing, ppl would do it themselves and not pay you to do it.
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    @joncribbs even your hobby turns into "just a job" when done every day. Very few are capable of maintaining the same level of enthusiasm about their careers.
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    It's also why I'm a bit ambivalent about the concept of universal basic income.

    On one hand many jobs are (or will soon be) automated, so UBI could soften class war tensions. And while one group argues "free money will just lead to lazy people", the other argues "with less financial worries people are free to develop their talents" -- I think the reality is somewhere in between.

    A Job shouldn't feel like a torturous drag, but jobs will also never be ideal.

    Platitudes like "find something you love doing and you never work a day in your life", and "Turn your hobby into your work" are myths. Well, at least partially.

    Of course, you can approach that ideal state of economic productivity/value AND enjoyment/fulfillment.

    There's days I really love programming. But there are also dreadful meetings, heated arguments, 10-day-boring-refactoring-marathons, people being utterly retarded.

    And I think in the end that kind of pain can never be fully avoided.
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    @NoMad Ok. Others find my job pointless..🤣. Maybe thats why
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    @saucyatom Can I do it remotely?
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    @NoMad it lives! Err.. Rants! I mean - it rants!
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    @saucyatom So If I dogsit 7000 dogs simultaneously, I'd be millionaire within 5 days 🤔

    Brb have to find a meadow with barn for sale.
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