Let's start by saying: God do I love programming and hate work!

My dream job would be a place where I get to write quality code for something that's actually useful and makes sense to people (or a group of people) without all the usual job bullshit; all the politics, fucking useless hours of meetings, the pretentious ass holes, and the useless mindless product owners with good pay to live comfortably and some organization (not being a complete disaster). It's only a dream though...

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    Try live coding. I have started that a few months ago and I LOVE IT. I can work on wathever I like, people are really kind, I can express my creativity without barrier.

    The downside is of course : it's absolutely not profitable (yet?)
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    @react-guy come again? More details please. Do you literally you code live? No preparations? How do you gather an audience? That seems really cool.
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    Live coding?
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    I’m interested in how this works too. I mean...isn’t coding a lot of sitting and thinking quietly? A bit like live bookreading, but with sporadic bouts of typing?
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    @rantsauce basically you pick a small project, develop it on twitch and explain what you do and why.

    I started ~4 months ago and I have now ~20 viewers, with several regulars.

    I try to code things that are a bit visual, like front end designs or CSS stuff.

    I spend half time coding, half time discussing whatever the viewers are talking about in the chat.

    Not going to give my channel here because I don't want this account to be officially associated with my official online presence. I want to rant without fearing a potential boss noticing 😁

    My advice : look at twitch in the science and technology category. You will have a good sample of what live coding is.
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