There are 2 types of people that I can't stand:

- Designers who thinks they can do the front-end as they use Photoshop

- Programmers that thinks the front-end is easy enough as put random bootstrap columns everywhere

Then when something doesn't work, they blame the front-end developer.

Try to communicate more, assholes, and do your job.

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    front end are not designers
    front end are web developers
    if they have an eye for design thats awesome :)
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    @tommy I think front-end developers must have both of the two worlds to fully do their job and fill the design-programming gaps.
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    well im trying :)
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    What I love: designers who make use of prototyping tools and communicate like a champ; and front-end developers who write readable, tested, performant codes; and both have "pixel-perfect eyes" if you know what I mean. Man, these talents are more rare than I expected.
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    Ask your designer to use Invision with craft sync plug in.

    It uploads your photoshop files to your invision account and lets developers visualise and take attributes of every layer using inspect mode.

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    @kudamalam ask your designer using photoshop to use Invision inspect tool
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