*At the daily status meeting*
Manager: I don’t have anything to table or anything I want to ask about. I honestly don’t know what the point of this meeting even is.

*Throughout every other living breathing moment of time*
Manager: Hey, I had an idea
Manager: Hey, I wanted to get your thoughts on something
Manager: Hey, what do you think about…
Manager: Hey, what are you currently working on?
Manager: Do you think you could just *sneak* in this new feature request and have it to me by EOD?
Manager: Hey, I just sent you an email
The email: Hey I think I found a bug, it’s with image alignment in Microsoft Word and it’s pretty breaking to my productivity report. Do you think you could take a look right now? Thoughts?

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    Does your manager have ADHD?
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    The search for ID10T error message!
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    Always say you are busy doing something very important, use technical language and go down with very fine details. Chances are they won’t understand but leave you alone. If this happens in front of other people you have higher chances. This allows for more relaxed pace and easier work, but you have to produce something from time to time…
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    @rov3rand0m not necessarily

    "Sir, I need to optimize our SQL injectors when they align with our cloud-native memory stack in order to scale up the baud rate of incoming requests in realtime."
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    @ezpz it’s a safer bet he just has a very low iq
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