I get it, you drink coffee!

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    I get it. You don't. Now what?
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    Water, if u must know. I just find it stupendous how some will gloat about their need for coffee every fucking day. "Omg, I can't start working until I poured fuckload of coffee into my body." If you were to get some proper sleep, you wouldn't need to do that, you twat.
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    It's about work load my friend, we got too much stuff to do and want to do that sometimes it leaves us little time for sleep. Else something is on fire and you wake up midnight with thousands of alerts. Coffee helps.
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    I'm with you! Monster though, that I'd get
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    +1 for totally appropriate use of that meme...
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    Addiction ......
    Just like
    Gym is to instagramers.
    Facebook is to small and big children.
    Whatsapp is to latest snapchatters.
    Snapchat is to who don't know about WhatsApp.
    9gag is to dumb memer's.
    Reddit is to who like to be informed.
    Quora is for QnA forum lover.
    SO is to devs/coders.
    devRant is to us.
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    How's it possible to understand ones obsession if you're not personally obsessed?? 🤔

    I LOVE my coffee. I'm also anemic. I eat right, and take my supplements daily and still struggle with my energy levels with 8 hours of sleep. Coffee does the job and gets my day going better than anything else. So yes I gloat about what makes me feel good.

    What's your obsession?
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    I don't need it.
    I just like it.
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    I suppose listening to music is my obsession. 🤔
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    The question is.. did you try to work after a fuckload of coffee?
    Its like speed, but less dangerous.

    Just saying i don't get it is like protesting against weed after never or just once trying it..^^
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    @w0ble I too have that obsession 😊
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    I drink coffee because of the taste. I can get through the day without it but i like it. One coffee a day and I'm fine. I used to drink coffee at 0 o'clock and go to sleep and have no problem but i haven't done that in a while.
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    @kpenc yes the taste is amazing! I prefer dark and sweet.
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    I tried coffee, it didn't do much to me. Especially on an empty stomach, like most people do, wasn't a pleasant experience to say the least. And since you mentioned, I have tried weed in my younger days – didn't like it.

    Excessive subjection to any substance, including caffeine, will eventually make your body less tolerant to the expected and desired effect. So the only thing is to consume more and more to sustain the belief that it is some sort of elixir of life that helps you get through the day, whereas the root of the problem lies much deeper that that.

    I don't want to sound like on a high horse, but I used to smoke and drink, both excessively; thinking that it helped me with stress at work and life in general. Only to realise how much of a fool and a liar to myself I was when I quit both. Stress was gone and life got much easier to sail through. So nowadays I'm not buying anyone's stories of any substances being solutions to long hours and stress.
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    @w0ble I agree. On the other side, trying to get a start-up to run while still studying, coffee is my best mate
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    I've learned to accept that I'll always be in the minority when it comes to not needing coffee to operate.
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    Your not alone
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    @w0ble Addiction is a powerful mistress who lies to us continually. Well done on kicking yours - I'm partly happy and partly jealous when I hear people who've achieved what you have. There are also addictions which are more acceptable than others, caffeine being one of them.
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    Monster or tea.
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