Working in a non-IT department makes working as a developer really painful if the whole organisation is set up to be restricted with software installs or using specific hardware etc.

For context, I work in a marketing team with literally myself and one other developer, and some other people in a completely separate organisation, physically separated. We're responsible for overhauling the website and associated sites as part of a transformation project.

Had to use my own, shitty 2013 macbook to run XAMPP because I'd have to file a software request to IT for anything remotely developer related (even trying to run Git, Node, or Python or anything is a pain because I can't actually install anything permanently or to an actual drive as it's all network accounts).

I'm not asking for equipment/access because I'm an elitist bastard, I'm doing it so I can actually do my job.

God forbid I want to use a text editor, or some kind of build tool to manage our codebase better than just cowboy coding it without using my own device for work matters.

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    Been in environment like that. Won't let me choose my tools. Forced me to use IE. Retar...government contractor company.
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    I would just... You know... Not.

    Can't work without a specific tool or local harddisk access? Don't. Fucking. Work. But make sure you mention it all you can. Orgs like these have to learn this or they die if they depend on development, you're doing them a favor.

    Whatever the hell you do, don't being your own laptop to do work you can't otherwise. They're your employer, this is their responsibility.
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    Fucking fuckers won't let you use your tools while asking you to do your job for them?

    Tell those marketers to sell something which doesn't exist. Oh, they may probably do it
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    I once had a similar experience working with a govt body where they wanted my team to be physically present but wont let you access their network. Apparently for security reasons. We used there ip phone lan wire to connect to internet/intranet. F***in retards.
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    @Rename one place I worked at gave us a shitty USB 3g modem, then put us in the back where there's no phone signal.
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